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Rocket Round Up: smartphones and supermoons

Small Business News

What makes a person start their own business? Whether it’s a cat cafe in Shoreditch or a gift wrapping service, people have many reasons for wanting to be their own boss. One of our favourite stories of the week was about this initiative to help people turn their lives around after prison by becoming entrepreneurs run by the charity StartUp.

TechCity News offer a useful article this week on the dangers of crowdfunding your start up while protecting your intellectual property. Find out more about protecting your ideas in the RLUK help section.

Something all business owners may need to consider is the impact of the ‘smartphone revolution’ which is likely to see more and more people shopping via apps, particularly  in the 16- 24 age group where 48% of young people prefer to use mobile to shop. Don’t forget that RLUK have all the documents you need for running an online business

Whether you’re new to business or an established entrepreneur, here’s 25 tech terms you need to know, according to Mashable Business. Also, if you’re feeling ready to get a little more business education on a budget, Open Culture have a list of 150 free business courses available online.

Social Media News

Following up from our link last week about apps for collaborative working, Dropbox announced a new feature for their Business service that allows administrators to create folders that are instantly shared with all members of their team.  Also this week, there are heavy hints that Facebook are working on a new news aggregator although it won’t be a google reader wannabe.


Which woman do you think should go on the £10 note? Is Jane Austen the ideal candidate?








How was last weekend’s supermoon for you?

Have a good weekend!

Photo: Tsahi Levent-Levi / / CC BY & Parag Kokane at National Geographic

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