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Resolve your legal disputes confidently. HALF OFF with Rocket Legal+™

Resolve your dispute

from £149.99


Rocket Legal+ members get HALF OFF dispute resolution and so much more.

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Legal review and advice

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  • 1 hour consultation
  • Review of your documents
  • Written legal advice

Pre-action correspondence

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  • 30 min consultation
  • Letter of claim
  • Advice on any response


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  • Case evaluation
  • Mediation planning
  • Representation in mediation

Resolve your disputes with confidence using our dispute resolution service

We make dispute resolution affordable and simple.

End-to-end dispute resolution

Our dispute resolution service offers end-to-end dispute resolution with expert lawyers and mediators.

Your privacy is important

Your privacy is protected with confidential document sharing and video meetings with separate confidential chat rooms.

Legally binding

Our affordable service also includes bespoke settlement and mediation agreement drafting, so you can be sure that what you agree will be legally binding.

How does it work?

Your legal pro will help to resolve your issue and reach a resolution.

Submit your contact details with a brief dispute summary
We will contact you for a free consultation to gather more information. During this consult we will discuss the process, fees, and next steps.
We will send you a quote for the legal work
iIf you’re a Rocket Legal+ member your legal work will be HALF OFF.
If you decide to proceed
We will review your documentation, set up a 1 hour consultation, and then provide you with written legal advice.
If you decide to move forward
We can then assist you with pre-action correspondence, mediation or arbitration.

FAQs about dispute resolution

  • What types of disputes are covered?

    We can provide advice on the law and dispute resolution procedures as well as assess the merits of your case, in the practice areas within the expertise of our lawyers.

    We can prepare and send letters before action and engage in pre-action correspondence in an attempt to bring about an amicable resolution to your dispute.

    Where a resolution has been reached we can draft settlement agreements reflecting the terms agreed. 

    We also offer representation in various types of alternative dispute resolution methods, such as negotiation, mediation and arbitration. 

  • What types of disputes are not covered?

    At present we cannot provide representation in court proceedings (except for the Employment Tribunal). We can refer you to one of our professional partner law firms who would be happy to represent you.

  • What is negotiation?

    Negotiation is a process where parties discuss and try to come to an agreement or compromise on an issue. It involves communication and bargaining to find a solution that satisfies everyone involved. It's a way to reach a mutual understanding or agreement without involving a third party like a judge or arbitrator.

  • What is pre-action correspondence?

    Pre-action correspondence refers to the exchange of letters, emails, or other communications between parties involved in a dispute before formal legal proceedings are initiated. It typically occurs when one party believes they have a legal claim against another party but wishes to attempt to resolve the matter without going to court. The purpose is to encourage communication, clarify issues, and potentially reach a settlement before litigation becomes necessary.

  • What is mediation?

    Mediation is a process by which an independent, neutral person - the mediator - helps parties come to a mutually acceptable agreement to resolve their dispute. Involving an impartial third party allows for new ideas and solutions to develop and reduces the likelihood of the matter having to be resolved in court. 

    Once a resolution is reached, it’s documented in an agreement which, if the parties desire, becomes a legally binding contract. For more information, read our guide on Mediation.

  • What is arbitration?

    Arbitration is a method of resolving disputes outside of the court system. Parties present their case to a neutral third party, known as an arbitrator or a panel of arbitrators, who then make a binding decision on the matter.