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Make Your Business GDPR Compliant

Get help with data protection compliance

from £500 +VAT

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What We Can Help With

Data protection documents

We will create a suite of documents to help your business meet its data protection compliance obligations. This can include DPIAs, DPAs and setting out your business’ approach to international transfers of personal data. This represents a minimum of 2 hours’ work. Creating your documents may take longer, depending on your requirements.

From £500 +VAT

Data protection health check

We will perform a health check to evaluate your data protection practices and make recommendations for how you can improve your business’ compliance with data protection legislation. This represents a minimum of 2 hours' work. Your health check may take longer, depending on your requirements.

From £500 +VAT

Additional time

We will add an hour to the time spent on your data protection health check or suite of data protection documents to provide a more in depth or wider ranging service.

From £200 +VAT

How can Rocket Lawyer help?

  • What is GDPR?

    The UK General Data Protection Regulation (UK GDPR) and the Data Protection Act 2018 together form the bedrock of UK data protection legislation. They impose a set of requirements on businesses that process (ie obtain, record, store, organise or otherwise use) personal data (ie information about somebody from which they could be identified). 

    These requirements ensure that businesses process personal data in a fair, safe and transparent manner which does not infringe on individuals’ data protection rights.

  • Which documents do I need for GDPR compliance?

    Complying with data protection law involves multiple steps including implementing various policies and procedures for processing personal data. You should set out these policies and procedures in comprehensive documents such as: 

    • a data protection and data security policy

    • an employee privacy notice

    Some data processing activities require you to create other documents too, such as:

    • a data processing agreement (DPA), if you outsource data processing to another business (or if you process data for another business) 

    • a data protection impact assessment (DPIA), if you process data in a way which is likely to result in a high risk to the rights and freedoms of individuals

    For more information on documents and practices you should consider to ensure compliance, read the GDPR compliance checklist.

  • What is a data protection health check?

    A data protection health check is a systematic evaluation of your business’ current data protection practices carried out by a compliance specialist. When you undergo a check, the compliance specialist:

    • identifies what your business needs to do to comply with data protection law

    • evaluates the documents you currently have in place to see if they meet your data protection needs, and 

    • makes recommendations for your next steps towards compliance

    The health check includes analysis of your practices and documents for international transfers of personal data.

  • How much does a data protection health check or a suite of data protection documents cost?

    The cost of these services can vary depending on the complexity, scope and adequacy of your business’ data processing practices.

    You can contact us to discuss prices for a comprehensive service for your business which combines a data protection health check and the creation of data protection documents.