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Trade Mark

Register your trade mark to protect your brand. HALF OFF with Rocket Legal+™

Register your trade mark with Rocket Lawyer

from FREE + IPO fee


Your first trade mark filed with Rocket Lawyer is FREE*

Members get their first trade mark FREE See all benefits

First trade mark registration



  • Includes one class
  • Excludes IPO fee of £170

Subsequent trade mark registration



  • Includes one class
  • Excludes IPO fee of £170

Additional classes



  • Add additional protection for your brand
  • Cover immediate use classes and future ones

Set your brand up for success with a trade mark pro

Hire a trade mark lawyer to guide you through the trade mark registration process.

Know your mark can be protected

A lawyer can check if your brand name or logo can be protected and advise on any changes needed.

Choose the right classes

Trade marks are limited to specific categories known as classes. A lawyer can guide you to choose the right ones, so your brand is properly protected.

File a complete application

Applications are often rejected for minor errors like being incomplete, overly broad or not broad enough. A legal pro can help you avoid costly mistakes.

How it works to file with Rocket Lawyer

Your trade mark lawyer does all the heavy lifting to file your application quickly and easily.

Meet with your trade mark lawyer
A trade mark lawyer will contact you for a 1-on-1 consultation to talk you through the process, discuss fees and set in place a plan of action.
Your lawyer searches for conflicting marks
Next, your lawyer will research your trade mark and advise on changes, if recommended, to give your mark the best chance of success.
Your lawyer drafts your trade mark application
After finalising the details of your trade mark, your lawyer will draft your application and file it with the Intellectual Property Office (IPO).
Your application is filed
If there are no objections by the examiner of your application and no oppositions, your trade mark will be registered in around 3 months.

Frequently asked questions

  • How will this help me?

    As a business owner, you have a distinctive brand. This could be your trading name, motto, logo, slogan or symbol representing your business. These are known as Intellectual Property (IP) rights. As your business becomes successful, your brand starts to develop commercial value. We can help empower you to protect your IP rights.

    The many benefits of working with Rocket Lawyer and a trade mark lawyer include:

    • support choosing a mark that can be legally protected

    • legal advice on which trade mark classes to file in

    • assistance selecting an appropriate example of your trade mark in use

    • help understanding the scope of your rights and how to enforce them

    • peace of mind that you will have an accurate and complete trade mark application

    • saving time and money with a trade mark lawyer who drafts your application, submits your filing and represents you with the Intellectual Property Office (IPO)

  • Why should I register a trade mark?

    Registering a trade mark protects your brand and provides you with the right to prevent others from using it. Once your trade mark is registered it provides you with exclusive rights to use it. Registering a trade mark will also add value to your business. As a tangible right, you can sell, licence, franchise or assign it as an asset. A registered trade mark will also attract customers because it adds credibility to your brand.

  • How can Rocket Lawyer help me register a trade mark?

    Simply submit your contact details with information on the brand you need to protect.

    A trade mark lawyer will then contact you for a free consultation to talk you through the process, discuss fees and set in place a plan of action.

    You’ll then receive a no-obligation quote for your trade mark registration. If you are ready, make payment and we will take care of filing your application with the IPO. 

    We can even register your trade mark in the EU and the US, which our trade mark lawyer will be happy to discuss with you.