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Alan Cheung
Rocket Lawyer Solicitor

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If you need further help you get 33% off your legal fees or a fixed price offer.

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Alan Cheung
Commercial & Employment
Adnan Mahmood
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Kevin Hanson
Intellectual Property
Greg Whyte

How to Ask a Lawyer

  • Can I get legal advice for free?

    If you are a Premium Plan member, you can ask a question for free. If not, Ask a lawyer and click ‘Get your answer’. Then, select what type of customer you are, and provide your details so we can get back to you. You can then register and sign up for a Premium Plan membership.

    The Premium Plan includes:

    • unlimited access to our entire library of legal documents

    • answer to a simple legal question (subject to our Terms and Conditions)

    • 33% off our lawyer’s legal fees or a fixed fee quote, if you need further legal assistance or an answer to a complex legal question

  • How does Ask a lawyer work?

    First, submit your question. Depending on the complexity of your question or issue we may be able to get back to you within one business day. 

    If your issue is one of a complex nature it may be necessary to get further legal advice. We offer a free consultation so that we can better understand your issue and give you a fixed price quote for further legal work, based on your needs. 

    What’s an example of a complex issue?

    A complex issue could be one where you need a detailed review of the relevant facts and documents in your case for a lawyer to be able to provide you with detailed advice or drafting. 

    What happens after the consultation?

    If additional legal work is required, you will be provided with a quote for the work. Once you accept and pay the quote, your lawyer will start the work. If any additional work is required beyond the stated scope of work, your lawyer will inform you of this and provide a revised quote.

  • How much does it cost to engage a lawyer?

    As Rocket Lawyer seeks to make legal services affordable and simple, our lawyers’ costs are very competitive to what you would typically be charged for similar services by a traditional law firm. 

    Our lawyers will typically charge around £250+VAT per hour, which can be discounted by a further 33% or a fixed fee if you are on a Premium Plan. 

    Our lawyers will always quote you for the services you need in advance so you know from the outset how much the fees will be with no hidden surprises.

  • What areas do Rocket Lawyer’s lawyers cover?

    Our lawyers can assist you in the following practice areas:

    For businesses:

    • company & commercial

    • intellectual property (trademarks, patents, copyright)

    • employment

    • data protection

    For individuals:

    • family

    • wills

    • powers of attorney

    • consumer law

    • employment

    For landlords:

    • notices

    • tenancy agreements / short leases (up to 3 years)

    For charities:

    • charity setups

    • drafting constitutions

    Debt recovery and bankruptcy:

    • pre-action only

    • statutory demands


    • pre-action only

    • cease and desist letters

    Litigation/dispute resolution:

    • advising on law, procedure, evidence and merits

    • letters before action

  • What areas don’t Rocket Lawyer’s lawyers cover?

    Currently, we don’t cover the following areas:

    • representation before a court 

    • conveyancing (property sales and transfers, leases for more than 3 years, and trusts)

    • probate

    • signing statutory declarations or swearing affidavits

    • notarisation

    • immigration 

    • criminal law

    • tax and financial advice

    • insurance advice 

    We may, however, be able to refer you to one of our partner law firms who can assist you.

  • The initial free consultation with a lawyer

    Depending on the complexity of your situation or your specific legal needs, we can offer an initial consultation with a lawyer. 

    What does the consultation cover?

    The free consultation is for your lawyer to understand your matter in more detail to work out what legal assistance you need and provide a quote. 

    During the initial consultation, you will not be provided with free legal advice. At their discretion, your lawyer may answer basic questions but will not be able to answer detailed or complex questions without first understanding your matter and considering any relevant documents or facts.

    How long will the consultation last?

    The consultation can last up to a maximum of 15 minutes. However, depending on the experience of the lawyer, more or less time may be necessary. 

    Read our Help page to find out answers to your questions about Rocket Lawyer.

  • How many questions can I ask?

    Your use of Ask a lawyer is subject to using the service fairly. We view fair use to be you submitting up to one question per legal issue per month. However, in the event that you do genuinely encounter more than one legal issue in a single month, we aim to be reasonable and also help you with this issue. 

    Note that if you cancel your trial or plan you will not be eligible:

    • to ask legal questions

    • for a fixed fee quote

    • for a 33% discount off a lawyer’s fees


    For more detailed information on the Ask a lawyer process, see our Help page.