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Sign Confidently with RocketSign®

A nationwide network of lawyers supports every signature.

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How It Works

Easily prepare documents for signature. Share, sign, and stay organised.

Simply add or select your document and drop in signature and date fields.

Choose who will see and sign your document, or share it with a lawyer.

Store signed documents securely. Access anywhere, anytime. 


Why RocketSign?

  • RocketSign FAQs

    What is RocketSign?

    RocketSign is a free online service that you can use to add electronic signatures to your documents and agreements anytime, anywhere.

    Is RocketSign free?

    You can use RocketSign to sign your documents online for free. No payment card details are required.

    How do I use RocketSign?

    The RocketSign process is simple. Simply sign in or sign up, upload your document, and add signatures, initials, and date blocks to your document.

    You can then sign your document online and send your document to others to sign.

    Who can I send documents to for signing?

    You can ask anybody to sign your document using RocketSign. Simply enter their email address and send the request.

    Are RocketSign signatures legally binding?

    RocketSign electronic signatures are legally binding in the UK when used on types of documents that are able to be signed electronically.

    Which documents can I RocketSign?

    You can RocketSign any document that you want to make legally binding or that you want somebody to acknowledge that they have seen (eg a HR policy).

    You can upload PDF or word documents to RocketSign.

    You can upload your own documents or you can make documents on Rocket Lawyer's website.

    There are some types of documents that must be signed physically rather than online. Sometimes documents must be signed in the presence of witnesses or a notary.

    Documents which cannot be signed online include:

    If you create your documents on Rocket Lawyer’s website, your document’s Make-it Legal checklist will tell you if you can sign online or not. If you’re unsure, you can Ask a lawyer for help.

    What are the benefits of RocketSign?

    Using RocketSign lets you sign documents quickly and easily. By using RocketSign you can also:

    • Avoid printing documents and reduce your environmental impact

    • Store and easily access your signed documents and agreements, anytime, anywhere

    If you’re a Rocket Lawyer premium member, you can also:

    • Sign ConfidentlyTM after having your document reviewed by one of our network of lawyers

    • Get support from a Rocket Lawyer network lawyer if there’s ever a dispute down the line