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How to make a Disciplinary letter

A disciplinary letter is a formal letter to an employee informing them of the relevant steps in the formal disciplinary process.

You should start by checking any disciplinary procedures set out in your own HR policies and determining whether the matter relates to misconduct or poor performance. Employers should invite an employee to a meeting to consider and discuss any allegations made against that employee. If it is not possible to solve the issue via an informal talk, a formal disciplinary process should then take place, with potential sanctions being applied.

For more information, read Disciplinary procedure.

Disciplining employees for misconduct or poor performance can be a complex process. Employers should be careful to follow the proper procedure to avoid accusations of unfair dismissal.

It's important that all the relevant steps are communicated to the employee and that they are provided with a chance to present their case and defence and be given a right of appeal. Use these disciplinary letters when you want to discipline an employee. Answer a few simple questions to create your disciplinary letter.

First, employers should send a misconduct or poor performance hearing invitation to invite an employee to a meeting to consider and discuss any allegations made against that employee.

Second, the employer should use either a poor performance or misconduct disciplinary outcome letter to confirm that no further action will be taken or to issue an employee a first disciplinary warning or final disciplinary warning.

If a warning is given, using a formal warning letter, the employee is entitled to appeal this decision. The employer should arrange and invite the employee to an appeal hearing for poor performance or misconduct to re-hear or review the decision.   

Read our legal guide on Dismissing an employee for more information.

Other names for Disciplinary letter

Employee letter, Warning letter, Poor performance letter.