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Overview of the Dismissal letter for employees without unfair dismissal rights

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Make sure you do things right when you dismiss an employee with this termination of employment letter. This formal notification of dismissal covers the reason for dismissal, such as conduct or poor performance, the date the employment ends, arrangements about holiday and salary, the right to appeal against dismissal, and return of the employer's property and information. It also allows for payment in lieu of notice (PILON).

Use this termination of employment letter

  • when you need a simple letter to dismiss an employee in their probationary period
  • when you are dismissing an employee for performance, conduct or some other reason and the employee is not protected from unfair dismissal
  • for junior or senior employees
  • only for employees based in England, Wales or Scotland

This termination of employment letter covers

  • the reason for dismissal
  • the termination date
  • whether the notice period will be worked or paid in lieu
  • arrangements for holiday pay
  • post-termination restrictions
  • the need to return property and information belonging to the employer
  • the right to appeal against dismissal

A dismissal letter for employees without unfair dismissal rights is a letter informing an employee who has less than 2 years' service, that they are being dismissed. It outlines the reason for dismissal and details the arrangements to terminate the employment.

Issuing a formal dismissal letter ensures you follow the proper disciplinary process. Outlining in writing the reasons for dismissal reduces the likelihood of further disputes in relation to the dismissal decision.

Ask a lawyer for:

  • imposing a sanction other than dismissal

  • employees based outside England, Wales or Scotland

Other names for Dismissal letter for employees without unfair dismissal rights

Termination letter.

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