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How to make a Dismissal for redundancy letter

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Confirm selection for redundancy using this dismissal for redundancy letter. This redundancy notice covers the employee's dismissal arrangements including garden leave or payment in lieu of notice, final salary and holiday accrual. It also covers any outstanding points in relation to the dismissal, the amount of statutory redundancy compensation to be paid (if any) and the appeal process.

Use this letter:

  • to confirm the dismissal of an employee for redundancy, following a consultation process
  • if you are planning to make one or more (but less than 20) employees redundant

This letter covers:

  • the reason for dismissal
  • the response to any points outstanding from the redundancy consultation process
  • the termination date
  • whether the notice period will be worked or paid in lieu
  • arrangements for holiday pay
  • post-termination restrictions
  • the statutory redundancy payment
  • arrangements for any outstanding expense claim
  • the need to return property belonging to the employer
  • the continuing consideration of suitable alternative employment
  • the right to time off to seek alternative employment
  • the right to appeal against dismissal

A dismissal letter for redundancy confirms the dismissal of an employee on the grounds of redundancy. It sets out the employee's dismissal arrangements, final salary, holiday accrual and any outstanding points in relation to the dismissal, the amount of statutory redundancy compensation to be paid and the appeal process.

You need this letter when you want to dismiss someone on the grounds of redundancy.

Before issuing this redundancy dismissal letter, an employer must ensure that the correct redundancy processes are followed. An employer should:

  • attempt to avoid or reduce redundancies by considering alternative employment structures or roles (eg switching from full time to part-time)
  • warn all potentially affected staff of the risk of redundancy at an early stage in the process
  • consult each affected employee about possible redundancy before a final decision
  • choose staff for redundancy carefully, fairly and rationally and consider any suitable alternative employment
  • give the employees the right to appeal

For further information read Redundancy pooling and selection. If you are unsure whether you followed the correct procedures, Ask a lawyer.

The redundancy of an employee may be deemed unfair if the employer has not considered other less drastic solutions at work (eg offering alternative employment to potentially redundant employees where it would be reasonable).

Ask a lawyer for:

  • where a woman on maternity leave is being made redundant
  • for collective redundancies (ie where it is proposed that 20 or more employees will be made redundant within a 90 day period)
  • for employees based outside England, Wales or Scotland

This letter is governed by the law of England and Wales or the law of Scotland (eg the Employment Rights Act 1996).

Other names for Dismissal for redundancy letter

Redundancy termination letter, Letter confirming redundancy.