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Rocket Lawyer announces partnership with Golden State Warriors

Matt Reynolds

ABA Journal reporter Matt Reynolds summarizes Rocket Lawyer's new partnership with the Golden State Warriors and our commitment to provide legal help for the everyday champion.

Exclusive: Legal tech startup Rocket Lawyer raises $223 million for expansion

Aaron Pressman

Fortune reporter Aaron Pressman interviews Rocket Lawyer Founder & CEO, Charley Moore, on the company's $223 million investment announcement.

When Hiring Remotely Raises Legal Issues

Lin Grensing-Pophal

As Vice President, People at Rocket Lawyer, Megan Derguti provides commentary on best practices to maintain candidates' privacy and secure confidential information during remote hiring.

What Small Businesses Need to Know About Mandating a COVID-19 Vaccine in the Workplace

Charley Moore

Can employers legally require employees to get the COVID-19 vaccine for the safety of customers and co-workers? Rocket Lawyer Founder and CEO Charley Moore provides his perspective.

Rocket Lawyer is among the first applicants approved to join Utah's regulatory sandbox program

Lyle Moran

ABA reporter Lyle Moran interviews Rocket Lawyer Founder & CEO Charley Moore on the announcement that Rocket Lawyer would participate in Utah's new regulatory sandbox program.

Rocket Lawyer to Join Utah's Legal Services Provider 'Sandbox'

Sam Skolnik

Bloomberg Law reports on Rocket Lawyer's announcement to take part in a Utah pilot program aimed at broadening the state's legal industry landscape and making services more affordable and accessible.

Coding academies for Black, Latino youth aim to debug the diversity gap in tech

Sharon Epperson

CNBC reporter Sharon Epperson interviews Rocket Lawyer Founder and CEO Charley Moore about fostering innovation and diversity in the tech sector.

Black tech CEOs explain why the killing of George Floyd hits so close to home

CNBC reporter Ari Levy interviews Rocket Lawyer Founder & CEO Charley Moore about the lack of black executives in the Silicon Valley.

Efforts to diversify: Why hasn't tech done better?

Charley Moore, Rocket Lawyer CEO, and Stephanie Creary, Wharton School professor, discuss increasing diversity in corporate workforces on a special series, Crisis in America.

Ending Racial Disparities In The Tech Industry

Charley Moore, Founder & CEO of Rocket Lawyer is one of the few Black CEOs in the tech industry. He sits down with Cheddar to discuss ways to end racial disparity in Silicon Valley.

Fighting a lack of minority representation in the tech industry

Rocket Lawyer Founder & CEO Charley Moore discusses the historic lack of representation for minorities in the tech industry with CNBC's special program, Crisis in America.

Coronavirus Response & Information: Healthcare and Legal Concerns

Ryan Kucewicz

Rocket Lawyer Founder & CEO talks about the importance of legal help during the coronavirus pandemic on PA Live!, a NBC affiliate WBRE in Pennsylvania.

Small business owners worry they won't survive coronavirus without federal loans, but experts say they have options

Megan Leonhardt

Reporter Megan Leonhardt talks about the Rocket Lawyer Covid-19 Legal Center as a place for people to go if they don't have an attorney or tax professional they can contact.

Can't get through to the unemployment office? These steps might help

Faith Jessie

KSNV reporter Faith Jessie interviews Rocket Lawyer Founder & CEO Charley Moore for tips when filing for unemployment insurance during the coronavirus pandemic.

Remote working and health and safety

John Brandon

Coronavirus has changed up where employees complete their work. Reporter John Brandon interviews Rocket Lawyer Founder & CEO Charley Moore on legal concerns about work from home offices.

How much does divorce cost?

Cortney Moore

Rocket Lawyer Founder & CEO Charley Moore provides commentary for Fox Business Reporter Cortney on the costs of divorce.

Is Facebook's Libra Cryptocurrency Legal?

Charley Moore, Founder and CEO of Rocket Lawyer joins the NBC Press:Here panel to discuss Facebook's push into finance with their Libra cryptocurrency.

WeWork could run out of cash by mid-November — here's what would happen next

Ari Levy & Lauren Hirsch

Rocket Lawyer Founder and CEO Charley Moore provides commentary about WeWork with CNBC reporter Ari Levy.

Rocket Lawyer CEO Charley Moore: “You have to be in it to win it and most people quit long before they would be defeated by a competitor.”

Tyler Gallagher

Tyler Gallagher speaks to Rocket Lawyer Founder and CEO Charley Moore for Thrive Global about his experience as a lawyer, why he started Rocket Lawyer and blockchain technology.

Rocket Lawyer Joins The Blockchain Revolution To Improve Access To Legal Services

Joe Patrice

Above the Law reporter Joe Patrice discusses Rocket Lawyer's announcement of the Rocket Wallet, and the partnership between Rocket Lawyer, ConsenSys and OpenLaw to bring Smart Contracts to consumers. Smart contracts combine security, improved efficiency and could help improve access to justice for more people.

Rocket Lawyer Fast Tracking Launch of Blockchain Legal Contracts

Jeff McGovern

Rocket Lawyer's announcement of a partnership with ConsenSys and OpenLaw will enable the company to start providing smart contracts, which will use blockchain-enabled technology to help create safer and more secure contracts, limiting the sharing of consumer information.

Online Lawyers to Offer 'Smart Contracts' Next Year

Rocket Lawyer, online legal services pioneer announces its plan to provide smart contracts in the first half of 2019. The company will use smart contracts to integrate blockchain technology into everyday legal transactions, creating a more secure experience with blockchain-encryption technology.

The Rise of the Millennial Prenup

Susan Shain

A recent survey has found that prenuptial agreements amongst millenials are on the rise. Charley Moore, Founder and CEO of Rocket Lawyer comments on the value of creating a prenuptial agreement and how Rocket Lawyer can help couples create an agreement that is afforable, legally sound and long lasting.

Let lawyers use for-profit referral services, says Illinois disciplinary agency

Jason Tashea

An Illinois Supreme Court administrative agency recommends that lawyers be allowed to participate in for-profit referral services. Rocket Lawyer CEO Charley Moore weighs in applauding efforts to increase access to justice.

Divorce Law Flip-Flops

Scott McGrew

Charley Moore, Founder and CEO of Rocket Lawyer comments on how to take advantage of the current tax code and stresses the importance of acting qiuckly to avoid the new tax treatment for alimony, which begins next year.

Rocket Lawyer receives waiver to employ solicitors

Nick Hilborne

Rocket Lawyer UK received a waiver from the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) to allow practicing solicitors to advise its clients.

Three companies explain their subscription-based legal services to the Help Squad

Cathy Cunningham

The Chicago Tribune's Help Squad investigates online legal services and explains Rocket Lawyer's subscription and how to update a will or trust.

How To Keep Your Intellectual Property Safe

By Laurie Jo Miller Farr

Learn more about the importance of protecting your intellectual property and how sites such as Rocket Lawyer can provide you with the definitions, templates, samples and suggestions to register your work.

Bloomberg TV Market Makers Segment - Business 101: Incorporating to Protect Personal Assets

Featuring Charley Moore

Rocket Lawyer Founder and CEO Charley Moore talks about the importance of incorporation for the 28 million small businesses in the US on Bloomberg.

SMB's Are Changing the Way They Do Business

By Lisa Honey

At a time where technology is more affordable and practical than ever before, small business owners have jumped at the opportunity to mix up the way they do business.

Put this on your bucket list: Make a will

By Jeff Reeves

USA Today looks at Rocket Lawyer's 2015 Harris survey to understand why so many Americans don't have an estate plan.

LSC's James Sandman: We Need Technology & Paraprofessionals

By Monica Bay

James Sandman, president of Legal Services Corporation, has been immersed in the challenge of providing basic civil legal services to the underprivileged.

Best Advice: Find the Pony in the Pitch

By Charley Moore

LinkedIn Influencer Charley Moore shares advice on how to find the pony in the pitch, and other advice for entrepreneurs.

Rocket Lawyer's founder & executive chairman explains how companies in crisis can get ahead of bad news.

By Charley Moore

Rocket Lawyer CEO Charley Moore explains how companies in crisis can get ahead of bad news and when it's a good idea to apologize to customers on NBC's Press.


October 27, 2022

Why We're Celebrating Everyday Champions with The Golden State Warriors and Generation Thrive

"A candle loses nothing by lighting another candle." - Italian proverb

One of the most inspiring things about being Rocket Lawyer is that we have a front row seat to the challenges, victories, and everything in between, of some of the most remarkable people in the world.

December 20, 2021

Rocket Lawyer Survey Reveals How SMBs View Vaccines, Employment Law, and Legal Support

Rocket Lawyer announced new research that reveals how small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs) view their future business outlook, employment law, vaccine mandates, and more. The survey highlights that SMBs are optimistic about the future despite challenges related to supply chains, labor shortages, and COVID restrictions.

December 15, 2021

Companies and individuals in Brazil now have access to Rocket Lawyer, the global leading online platform for making and signing legal documents

Rocket Lawyer arrives in Brazil to further its mission of expanding access to affordable and simple legal help worldwide. The North American company, also present in several European countries, begins its operation in Latin America offering a variety of legal documents and contracts that help business owners and families put their legal affairs in writing.

2021 Press Releases

April 21, 2021

Rocket Lawyer Announces $223 Million Growth Investment Led by Vista Credit Partners

Rocket Lawyer announced a major growth capital financing of $223 million, led by Vista Credit Partners ("VCP"), a strategic credit investor and financing partner focused on the enterprise software, data, and technology markets. Rocket Lawyer and Vista will collaborate to scale the Rocket Legal Cloud™ platform to meet the strong and accelerating demand for the company's natively digital tools of justice.

March 3, 2021

Rocket Lawyer and Staples Connect Survey Reveals Confidence Among New Business Owners

Rocket Lawyer has released survey data in partnership with Staples Connect revealing that in 2020 entrepreneurs had more time and flexibility to start more new businesses than ever before. Just as the US Census Bureau reported that new business applications hit a peak in Q3 2020, Rocket Lawyer also saw a strong double-digit increase in demand for new business support and incorporation filings.

2020 Press Releases

September 8, 2020

Rocket Lawyer Joins Utah in First US Initiative to Transform Legal Services

Rocket Lawyer announced its participation in a groundbreaking regulatory sandbox program approved by the Utah Supreme Court's Office of Legal Services Innovation. Authorized by a unanimous vote of the Utah Supreme Court, the pilot program allows participants to offer legal services to the public.

August 25, 2020

Rocket Lawyer expands access to justice with Evidence video feature

Rocket Lawyer today announced the release of RocketEvidenceTM, its new mobile app feature that enables users to easily share video and other digital media documentation with attorneys for review.

June 30, 2020

Declare Your Independence from Paper and Uncertainty with RocketSign®

Rocket Lawyer, the affordable and complete legal service platform, announced the release of RocketSign®, its next-generation digital signature product, enabling anyone to easily sign documents online with the peace of mind provided by optional attorney advice.

April 3, 2020

Rocket Lawyer Supports Business Owners with Free Coronavirus Legal Resource Center Online

Rocket Lawyer delivers no cost Attorney Q&A, legal documents and critical information to help employers protect their business, take advantage of government relief programs, and safeguard their employees.

2018-19 Press Releases

January 23, 2019

Covea Delivers Essential Legal Benefits to Insurance Customers via Groundbreaking Rocket Lawyer Legal Tech Platform

Rocket Lawyer, the leading provider of affordable legal services, announced a partnership that will enable Covea's members to have access to digital legal documents, helpful information and more.

September 5, 2018

Rocket Lawyer and ConsenSys Partner to Fast Track Launch of Secure, Blockchain-enabled Legal Contracts

Rocket Lawyer, the global leader in digital legal services, has partnered with ConsenSys, the world's leading Ethereum blockchain technology company to accelerate the distribution of its patent-pending Rocket Wallet® service for trusted, blockchain-enabled contract execution.

January 16, 2018

Rocket Lawyer's Annual Small Business Index Reveals Optimism Heading Into 2018—New Tax Laws, Hiring, Immigration and Healthcare

Rocket Lawyer's Small Business Index reveals increasing overall optimism: 80% of small businesses reported growth in 2017 and 63% believe their sales will increase in the new year.

2017 Press Releases

February 1, 2017

Rocket Lawyer's Small Business Index Reveals Upswing in Optimism Under Trump

Rocket Lawyer announces its 2017 findings in the Small Business Index indicating American SMBs have a positive outlook for the coming year.

August 31, 2017

Rocket Lawyer Survey Reveals Vast Majority of Small Businesses Do Not Have Succession Plans for their Businesses

Rocket Lawyer, the leading online provider of affordable legal services for consumers and small business owners announced today the findings from their 2017 Make-A-Will-Month survey.

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