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Rocket Lawyer is excited to announce the launch of Rocket Taxᵀᴹ – the easiest and most affordable way to entrust your taxes to a professional. Rocket Taxᵀᴹ eliminates the risk and headache of DIY tax prep software, while providing the expertise, speed, and security of working with a licensed professional - with none of the upfront work - at an affordable, transparent price. So… Don’t do your taxes™! Let us do them for you.

Let’s face it, taxes are a hassle

The IRS estimates that it takes the average individual 13 hours to prepare their taxes - longer for complex situations, individuals who are self-employed, or business owners. Filing taxes is not only time-consuming, but high risk. Without specific tax expertise, it’s very hard to know whether you have received every eligible deduction or inadvertently failed to include critical information. Plus, tax laws change every year which makes keeping up even more work.

Over the last decade, tax software has helped to increase the number of tax returns filed electronically to over 95% in 2021. Although these programs strive to bring efficiency to self-prepared taxes, there are many drawbacks. Those 13 hours are spent collecting all your tax data, copying it into the software, and double-checking your deductions, only to get to the end of a long process to discover the “free” tool you were using isn’t actually free. On top of now paying to file your taxes, any review by a professional is another upcharge to ensure you have done it correctly. Pricing is so opaque that it’s nearly impossible to find a better alternative, and, as easy as it would be to turn your taxes over to a tax preparer, how can you be sure you’ve found a good one?

There’s a better way

Enter Rocket Taxᵀᴹ. Rocket Tax™ is not a DIY process - when the tax filing season begins, answer a few short questions about your tax situation so we can match a pro to your specific needs. Your tax pro will request relevant documents needed to file your taxes, that you can upload easily from your phone. If a question comes up as you’re gathering your documents or throughout the process, chat with your tax pro any time. Once your tax return documents are complete, simply RocketSign® your return and your tax pro takes care of the state and federal filings. Statuses, outstanding tasks, and completed tax filings are all stored in the Rocket Lawyer dashboard and are available any time.

An annual Rocket Lawyer membership includes savings of half off tax preparation services, in addition to unlimited legal documents, unlimited digital signatures with RocketSign® and access to the Rocket Lawyer attorney network for answers to your legal questions.

Not only do tax professionals ensure that taxes are submitted correctly, completely, and on time, but they also manage any communication with the IRS in the event you receive an inquiry or notice letter related to your return. Now, Rocket Taxᵀᴹ delivers the peace of mind that comes with working with a tax professional at an affordable price.

“Rocket Taxᵀᴹ simplifies one of the biggest headaches for Americans every year - filing taxes. With the launch of Rocket Taxᵀᴹ, we’ve made professional tax help accessible to everyone at an affordable price” said Charley Moore, Founder and CEO of Rocket Lawyer.

Rocket Taxᵀᴹ is available to Rocket Legal Plan and legal benefits members for half off list price. To learn more about Rocket Taxᵀᴹ, visit:  Rocket Tax™ - Rocket Lawyer

Rocket Tax™ FAQs

Why Rocket Tax™?

The tax landscape is complicated, and there are so many providers of tax filing services that it is difficult to know how to tell them apart or which one is right for you. Finding professional tax help can feel like just another task on your endless to-do list. Rocket Tax™ solves this problem by connecting you with a tax pro who is well-equipped to handle your unique tax situation.

How long will it take to file my tax return?

The standard delivery time is 7 days after receiving the documents necessary to prepare your return. Need a faster turnaround time? Ask us about our 1-day and 2-day expedited options for an additional cost—your taxes can be ready to sign in one day!

How much is Rocket Tax™?

Rocket Tax™ is available to all members of Rocket Lawyer, and annual members get half off. There are 3 packages (prices listed are annual member prices):

  • Personal - $199
  • Self-employed - $399
  • Business - $499

Which business types does Rocket Tax™ support?

We support all types of businesses and industries in all 50 states. From a freelance designer to a restaurant owner with employees in several states, we will match you with a tax pro who understands your business and can help both you and your business benefit from all the latest tax laws.

I need a personal and business return together, can Rocket Tax™ still help with my annual filing?

Yes! We can easily handle your personal and business return. Get started here.

How do I get my tax refund?

If you are owed a refund, the IRS will process the refund and send it directly to you via mail or direct deposit.

This article contains general legal information and does not contain legal advice. Rocket Lawyer is not a law firm or a substitute for an attorney or law firm. The law is complex and changes often. For legal advice, please ask a lawyer.

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