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SAN FRANCISCO, Dec. 21, 2023 -- Rocket Lawyer, the affordable and accessible legal services platform, is thrilled to introduce Rocket Copilot, an intuitive, conversational new customer experience. Rocket Copilot combines powerful generative AI with professional human expertise to give customers a simple and fast way to confidently complete their legal documents and other filings alongside convenient access to legal professionals.  

In combination with this release, Rocket Lawyer is pleased to announce the expansion of its existing partnership with Google Cloud. The continued collaboration between Rocket Lawyer and Google Cloud brings together the expertise and resources of two industry leaders, ensuring that Rocket Copilot delivers unparalleled value, safety, and security to its customers and network of legal professionals.

The development of Rocket Copilot advances the Rocket Lawyer mission to bring affordable and simple access to justice to millions of people around the world by enhancing human capability with technology. This journey started over ten years ago with the company’s patented invention of natively digital legal documents, powered by machine learning (ML), and integrated human collaboration with legal professionals. Advances in gen AI and access to Google Cloud’s AI tools, including Vertex AI and Dialogflow, now make it possible to realize the full potential of the Rocket Legal Cloud™ platform to bring affordable legal help within reach for nearly everyone.

The first release of Rocket Copilot is available today to help entrepreneurs name their new businesses. Now, with the help of a fun and creative AI-powered business name generator, a memorable and legally valid name that everyone associated with a new business can be proud of is just a short conversation away with Rocket Copilot.

Once a name is chosen, the next steps to begin forming the new business entity, starting the trademark registration process, or customizing business documents are seamless, affordable and easy.

Future releases of Rocket Copilot will include more collaborative brainstorming functionality and continue to securely and responsibly leverage advanced LLM models through Vertex AI, our deep legal knowledge base, and our extensive network of legal professionals to provide our customers with a comprehensive legal support system.

“Google Cloud’s expanded collaboration with Rocket Lawyer illustrates our combined commitment to responsible innovation at a critical moment in the evolution of AI across industries,” said Google’s Technical Director for the Office of the CTO Andy Brooks. “We share the same mission, values, and belief that technology should be used responsibly for the common good.”

"Collaborating with Google Cloud on Rocket Copilot is a testament to our shared commitment to leveraging technology for positive change,” remarked Rocket Lawyer Founder and CEO, Charley Moore. “We believe that our new copilot experience further empowers entrepreneurs and business owners to take control of their legal situations, and we are proud to be at the forefront of this transformative journey."

Both companies are eagerly anticipating the positive impact Rocket Copilot will have on individuals seeking affordable solutions to legal matters. With its conversational design and powerful capabilities, Rocket Copilot is poised to revolutionize the way people approach and resolve everything legal.

To try Rocket Copilot, visit: To learn more about the collaboration between Rocket Lawyer and Google Cloud, please contact Kelsey Hilton at

About Rocket Lawyer: At Rocket Lawyer, we believe everyone deserves affordable and simple legal services. Our laws should protect and empower—but for too many of us, the law is a burden because of high costs and complexity. So, we’re changing things. Since 2008, we’ve helped over 30 million businesses, families, and individuals obtain the legal help they need, at a price they can afford. That’s legal made simple®. Visit for a free trial and follow us on FacebookTwitter and LinkedIn.

Media Contact: Kelsey Hilton, Highwire PR:


Using Rocket Copilot, a customer selects their industry, shares a short description of their business, and selects their favorite from a list of AI-generated business names.



After reviewing a list of names generated by Rocket Copilot, a customer selects their favorite, then interacts with the AI to refine and finalize the name.



After using Rocket Copilot to develop and select a name for their business, a customer is prompted to start the business registration process before getting a confirmation of filing.


This article contains general legal information and does not contain legal advice. Rocket Lawyer is not a law firm or a substitute for an attorney or law firm. The law is complex and changes often. For legal advice, please ask a lawyer.

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