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Rocket Lawyer Semi-Annual Small Business Index Shows Economic Growth and Mobile Innovation Paramount

Healthcare & Immigration Reform Viewed As Secondary Issues Despite Media Buzz

SAN FRANCISCO, CA — [June 19, 2013]
— Small businesses remain most concerned with economic growth, viewing healthcare and immigration reform as secondary issues, and believe mobile innovation to be a top priority, according to the Rocket Lawyer™ 2013 Semi-Annual Small Business Survey. The survey gauges overall sentiment and identifies the top issues for more than 1,000 small businesses in the United States twice per year.

Economic and Small Business Growth
Although 43 percent of U.S. small business owners believe the economic recovery should remain the focus of government attention, they are optimistic about business growth overall. Over half (55 percent) of respondents across all age groups said their businesses were growing or booming in the first half of 2013, and close to three-fourths (73 percent) are optimistic the second half will be even better.

Small Business On the Go
The results also showed mobile technology to be transforming the way small businesses operate. Among small business owners surveyed, close to half (47 percent) said they use mobile apps every day for business purposes. Perhaps unsurprisingly, Gen Y (ages 18-31) and Gen X (ages 31-47) reported the highest rates of mobile use. While some 62 percent of Gen Y and 58 percent of Gen X small business owners say they use mobile apps every day for business, only 27 percent of those ages 67+ say they use mobile every day.

“This is good news – Main Street businesses are increasingly optimistic and focused on growth.” said Charley Moore, founder and executive chairman of Rocket Lawyer. “Mobile technology is rapidly entering the mainstream of everyday commerce. That’s why our customers expect Rocket Lawyer to deliver simple and affordable legal services anytime, anywhere, on any device.”

Healthcare and Immigration Are Secondary Issues Despite extensive media attention, healthcare and immigration are not central concerns for small businesses today. Only 10 percent considered healthcare to be a top priority and just over half said they are aware of the new healthcare exchanges geared toward small businesses. Views on the Affordable Care Act were split, with 59 percent saying they believe the legislation will increase employee healthcare costs while 29 percent said it will have no effect. Some 71 percent of small businesses respondents also said they do not currently provide health benefits for employees.

Small business owners view immigration reform as even less of a worry, with a mere 3 percent of small business owners calling it a top priority for the country. While some 64 percent of respondents said they are aware of the immigration reform plan, there is no consensus on which direction Congress should take. Small businesses also remain ambivalent about the immigration reform plan currently being debated in Congress – some 23 percent of respondents said they do support the proposal, 28 percent claimed they do not and nearly half said they do not know.

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Survey Methodology
This survey was conducted by Rocket Lawyer May 14-17, among 1,000+ nationwide small business owners who are Rocket Lawyer members or have used Rocket Lawyer’s services. The margin of error is 2.86 percent.

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