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How to make a Resignation letter

A resignation letter is a letter to your employer informing them of your decision to resign from your job. This letter allows you to specify your notice period and to give reasons for your resignation (optional).

Resign from your job on good terms by writing a professional resignation letter. Whether you have received a new job offer or want to resign for personal reasons, leave your current job in the right way by submitting a letter of resignation. This resignation letter template allows you to specify your notice period and to give reasons for your resignation, if you want to.


Use this resignation letter:

  • to resign to take up a new job
  • to resign for personal reasons, such as spending more time with family (separate to parental leave)
  • to resign for any reason not connected to problems at work

Find out more about resigning from your job and managing your employment

This letter of resignation covers:

  • the effective date of resignation
  • full details of yourself and your employer
  • the amount of time you have spent in your job
  • the reasons for leaving your job (optional)

Your notice period will be specified in your employment contract or offer letter. It is important to hand in a resignation letter on the date that corresponds to the notice period. If possible, deliver the letter by hand so the date is the actual date of receipt.

Ask a lawyer

  • if you want to resign due to a problem at work (such as discrimination or bullying)
  • if you are a director or have any shares in the company you wish to leave
  • when there are any complicated issues which you need to resolve before leaving your job
  • Other names for Resignation letter

    Letter of resignation, Employment resignation letter.

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