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Use this website privacy policy: when you collect personal information on the website to make sure you comply with data privacy... ... Read more

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How to Make a Privacy Policy

  • When should I use a privacy policy?

    Use this website privacy policy:

    • when you collect personal information on the website
    • to make sure you comply with data privacy legislation
  • What should a privacy policy include?

    This website privacy policy covers:

    • the nature of data collected by the site
    • the use of data
    • linked websites
    • data security and access
    • cookies
    • transfers of data outside the UK and Europe
  • Do you need a privacy policy on a website?

    The collection and use of personal data by online businesses in the UK must comply with the UK data protection laws and the GDPR. This policy is designed to allow the website operator to comply with the fair processing obligation and to obtain the user's consent to that processing as required by law.

  • Who is a Data Protection Officer (DPO)?

    A Data Protection Officer (DPO) is a person who assists your business with data protection compliance. DPOs can inform or advise you regarding your data protection obligations, provide recommendations regarding any data protection impact assessments, and act as a contact point for data subjects and the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO).

    You only have to have a DPO if you undertake certain types of data processing (eg large scale processing or systematic online monitoring). You may choose to voluntarily appoint a DPO. 

    For more information, read Data protection officers (DPOs).

  • What types of information will be collected from users?

    It depends on the purpose for which the data is gathered. If you are selling and trading on your website, you may wish to collect your customers' personal data such as names and credit card details. However, data protection law defines personal data as broad as to include information about personal opinions and IP addresses.

  • Do I need to display my personal details?

    If you are the UK registered business you will need to disclose certain information about your company on your website or website privacy policy. You must display registered information such as:

    • company name
    • registered number
    • place of registration
    • registered office address
    • contact details, including an email address
    • details of how to contact the business

    For sole traders and individuals, you must display the address of the principal place of business.

  • What's an Information Management Security System (IMSS)?

    An IMSS is a set of principles and procedures for systematically managing an organisation's data. The goal of an IMSS is to minimise the risk for the business and ensure business continuity by proactively limiting the impact of a security breach. These practices relate to the protection of information and are developed in accordance with the business' position.

  • What is the UK GDPR?

    The UK GDPR replaced the General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679 when the UK left the European Union. The UK GDPR includes the same provisions as the previously applied GDPR. 

What are some other names for Privacy Policy?

Privacy policy for a website, Data protection policy, Online privacy policy.

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