You know MLK Jr., but do you know these 10 facts?


MLK Jr. was a minister and social activist who played a major role in the civil rights movement. We have 10 lesser known facts to celebrate his birthday.

Life at Rocket Lawyer: Meet Corinne

img meet connie

Our Working at Rocket Lawyer series features our people and their stories. Meet Corinne from the Q&A team and get a sneak peek into our people and culture.

Happy Holidays from Rocket Lawyer!

rocket lawyer holiday

Our team wanted to share their favorite things about the season and all the reasons why we are celebrating. Happy holidays from Rocket Lawyer to you!

5 ways to give back during the Holidays

5 ways to give back

We love this season, and one of our favorite things is to give back. Here are 5 ways to give back during the holidays and spread joy to those in need.

Life at Rocket Lawyer: Meet Tyler

working at rocket lawyer tyler

Our series Life at Rocket Lawyer is about our team; it will give you a peek into our people and culture. Meet our HR associate Tyler and his Rocket Lawyer story.

What’s the Electoral College and How Does it Work?

what is the electoral college

What the heck is the Electoral College? What a long strange trip it’s been. After a contentious and, at least in some circles, surprising election we are once again staring […]

Fireside Chat with Robert Scoble at Rocket Lawyer

scoble at rocket lawyer cityscape

Rocket Lawyer is excited to be host a fireside chat next Thursday, Oct. 27 at 6pm with Robert Scoble at our Headquarters in San Francisco! Scoble is a tech evangelist […]

Are you registered to vote?

how to register to vote

Are you registered to vote? And do you know about your local and Senate candidates? We put together a FAQ to help you get your voice heard on the upcoming polling places.

15 Facts about US Vice Presidents

vice presidents facts

Several of the 47 American vice presidents held decisive roles throughout the U.S. history. Now during this election year, we researched some interesting facts about this political position and the relevancy they’ll have after November 8th.

Gearing up for the Presidential Debate

presidential debate

Almost 60 years after the first televised presidential debate, things have changed, and this event has been a conversation topic, pop culture reference and history has been made. We explored this topic and some tips to watch the debate tonight.

10 facts about Labor Day

labor day facts

Labor Day celebrates our workers and we wanted to commemorate this date with these 10 facts about the origin of this holiday. Our workers drive America’s economy and embody the work ethic and will to create the best future possible, so here’s to you; Happy Labor Day!

Gotta catch ’em all! But who is catching you?

sxsw vote panel picker idea

Rocket Lawyer Founder and CEO, Charley Moore, wants to talk at next year’s SXSW in Austin, Texas, about the legal implications of VR/AR, and how companies can provide their offerings in a legal, ethical manner.