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Why start a small business?

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Why do people decide to start their own businesses? Sometimes, it’s a momentous event that makes someone evaluate where they are going in life. The Swedish entrepreneur behind Kopparberg Cider fell overboard when serving as a merchant seaman, surviving a terrifying ordeal in the dark in the South China Sea. After his rescue, he vowed to make more of his life, quit the service and set up his own business.

Or perhaps, being a bit of maverick, it’s hard to fit into someone else’s business. In which case, Sir Richard Branson suggests that, if you’re not appreciated by the company you’re with, start your own business.

Whatever your motivation, it can be a long journey from idea to finished product. This longread post by inventor Chris Norstrom charts the steps he took to produce his first product and the lessons he learned along the way.

Setting yourself up in business also means getting the legal stuff right. Rocket Lawyer UK’s quickguides are here to provide help and guidance. Many of the documents you will need to get started are right here.

 Harvey Harding of PM Law reminds us on the RLUK blog that even the big companies can slip up when it comes to employment law as John Lewis announce that they owe unpaid wages totally £40 million to their employees.

RLUK’s head of legal, Pieta Das Gupta is feeling optimistic this week on her blog after the remarks of the new governor of the Bank of England, Mark Carney, that banks need to stay in touch with the needs of real businesses creating jobs and strengthening the economy.

Mark Edwards

RLUK’s general manager and vice-president, Mark Edwards, was also in the news, talking to The Times (£) and The Law Society Gazette this week about how Rocket Lawyer UK is offering accessible, cheap legal services for businesses and individuals with online demand being strong for business plans, general power of attorney and non-disclosure agreements. RLUK’s most popular document is our tenancy agreement. All our property guidance and documents can be found on our business pages.

Tech and Social Media News

Users of Flickr’s iOS app have seen an update this week that includes new tools and filters as it battles to regain ground against Instagram and Snapseed.

Techcity News featured the startup GoCardless who want their technology to help businesses with tackling the headache of late payment.


Explore the creative process with the help of 11 artists and designers through this great TED playlist, The Artist is in.

Chewing gum street artist Ben Wilson has been around Shoreditch brightening up the streets with his tiny masterpieces.



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Mark Edwards

Senior Vice President of EMEA at Rocket Lawyer
With a decade of experience as an innovator and business leader in the UK legal industry, Mark specializes in creating and growing new businesses based on sound market insight and customer need. He sees the team and the people in it as the crucial component for building a successful business.

Prior to joining Rocket Lawyer in 2012, Mark led the legal business development team for LexisNexis UK. There, he managed a cross-functional team, and was responsible for the full lifecycle of product innovation—from proposition development and business case, through the launch and early sales traction. During his time at LexisNexis UK he built two new successful product lines. Previously, Mark was a user experience consultant, working in various industries including telecommunications and health.

Mark has a Computing degree, a masters in User Experience, and a PhD in Artificial Intelligence.