Is your online service age-appropriate?

From 1 September 2021, all online businesses in the UK that are likely to be accessed by children must comply with the Age Appropriate Design Code (Code). Although the Code […]

The Debt Respite Scheme explained and what it means for you

The Debt Respite (Breathing Space) Scheme is due to come into force on 04 May 2021. It will give individuals that are struggling to pay their debt a 60 day […]

As a business owner, do you need a prenup?

In the UK, prenups are not (yet), legally-binding. They can, however, still carry substantial weight in family courts. For this reason, anyone with significant pre-marital assets, especially a business, should […]

Private parking in the UK; what are your legal rights?

Parking on public land and parking on private land are areas that are governed by different sets of rules and enforcement processes. For the most part, parking on public land […]

Have you been a victim of fraud?


If you’ve ever experienced fraud, it can be distressing and emotionally draining. A common scam that has been increasing in recent years is ‘Authorised Push Payment’ (APP) fraud. However new […]

The Importance Of Writing A Will As Business Owner

Even if you don’t want to think about it, the unavoidable circumstance of leaving your business will arise in your lifetime. Retirement, passing away or passing the throne are all […]

How mediation could help you settle a personal injury claim

For too long now, tiresome and difficult court battles have been a part of every personal injury case, and these proceedings can often take their toll on claimants who are […]

Formalising debt: loan agreements and promissory notes

Loans and promissory notes

If you are considering loaning money to – or borrowing money from – another business or individual, it’s a good idea to set out some of the key terms in […]

I SWEAR I’m telling the truth – an overview of the modern affidavit

Modern affidavits - how to swear what you know is true

The word “affidavit” is Medieval Latin for “he has declared upon oath.” What are affidavits? Affidavits are a written statement of fact made voluntarily under oath and administered by a […]

Used car problems – your rights

Used car problems – your rights

So you think you’ve found the perfect second hand car. It’s shiny, drives like a dream and ‘corners like it’s on rails’ (as famously expressed by Julia Roberts of Richard […]

Representing yourself in court (part 3)

Representing yourself in court (part 3)

Solving civil disputes without resorting to litigation should be the main objective of both parties to any legal disagreement. This is sound common sense and a requirement of the civil […]

Representing yourself in court (part 2)

Representing yourself in court (part 2)

Before embarking on a journey of self-representation it is crucial that prospective litigants-in-person investigate ways to get some free legal help, and if possible to allocate a budget to fund […]