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Make your Free Energy Repayment Plan

Use this debt payment plan if you owe money to your energy supplier and want to request a new repayment... ... Read more

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How to Make an Energy Repayment Plan

  • Summary of an energy repayment plan

    Use this debt payment plan if you owe money to your energy supplier and want to request a new repayment plan.

  • What is an energy repayment plan?

    An energy repayment plan is a letter to your energy supplier asking for a different payment schedule. If you owe your energy provider money (eg because of the energy crisis or cost of living crisis), you can use this letter to set out a repayment plan for the money owed.

  • When should I use an energy repayment plan?

    Use this debt repayment plan:

    • when you owe money to your energy provider (for gas or electricity)

    • want to request a new repayment schedule

    • if you are based in England, Wales or Scotland

  • What’s included in an energy repayment plan?

    This energy repayment plan covers:

    • who you (ie the account holder) are

    • how much you owe your energy provider

    • how much money you can pay towards the debt per month or week

    • why you are requesting a different payment schedule

    • any other steps you are taking to help pay off your debt

    • any other support you require from your energy provider

  • Do I need an energy repayment plan?

    An energy repayment plan will help you and your energy provider come to an agreement regarding owed energy payments. This letter can be used to ask your energy supply to accept reasonable payments toward your energy bill.

    Having a debt repayment plan in place can help you repay the money owed without financially straining yourself too much. It can also help you avoid potential conflicts regarding money owed, as energy suppliers are required to: 

    • consider your personal circumstances in relation to a debt, and

    • work with you to agree on a repayment plan taking into account your specific circumstances

  • When are energy repayment plans used?

    Use this energy payment plan to speak to your energy provider if you think:

    • they are charging you too much

    • you are struggling to afford your energy payments

    This letter can be used to negotiate a payment plan that is more suitable to your needs and circumstances.

    Failing to negotiate a repayment plan that works for you may result in you falling behind on your payments and your energy supplier may require you to install a prepayment metre. This ‘pay-as-you-go’ metre required you to pay for energy before using it. In rare cases, your energy supply may even be disconnected.

  • What is a budget sheet?

    A budget sheet is a document that sets out your income and spending over a specific time period (eg per month). Including a budget sheet when sending an energy repayment plan to your energy supplier can help them better understand your financial situation.

  • How can I save money on energy bills?

    You can take different steps to save money on your energy bills. Including:

    • making changes around your household (using energy-saving light bulbs, taking shorter showers or turning thermostats down)

    • making changes to your property (eg installing a smart metre or draught-proofing) 

    • applying for hardship funds (ie charitable grants) to help cover your energy costs 

    • working with professional advice to reduce your energy use

    For more information, read our Energy saving checklist.

  • Further advice

    Ask a lawyer for advice if:

    • the document doesn't meet your needs or cover what you want

    • the energy supplier does not agree to the repayment terms

    This energy repayment plan is governed by the laws of England, Wales and Scotland.

Other names for Energy Repayment Plan

Debt payment plan, Consumers energy payment plan, Debt repayment plan, Energy payment plan, Reduced payment plan.

Last reviewed or updated 12/04/2022

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