Changing filing requirements for small companies

All companies in the UK (whether they’re trading or not) must file annual accounts with Companies House. Currently, small companies may submit accounts disclosing less information than medium or large […]

What “calendars” should business owners be aware of?


The 5th of April marks tax year end! As a person trying to save as much as I can, I’ve never been more aware of my personal allowance, ISA options, […]

Why directors’ duties are increasingly important

Business Law from Rocket Lawyer UK

It’s becoming more and more important for company directors to think about their legal duties; here Pieta Das Gupta, Head of Legal, explains why. Company directors have certain legal duties […]

What is the role of a non-executive director?

Business Law from Rocket Lawyer UK

Most people have heard of non-executive directors (NEDs) but the nature of their role is often shrouded in mystery. Whilst they have the same legal duties and responsibilities as executive […]