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How to make a Car parking licence

For use in England and Wales only.

Rent out a parking space with this car parking licence. Agreeing to let out your parking space can be a good way of raising some extra cash but it's best to put the terms in writing so that everyone is clear on where they stand. Our car parking licence deals with all the key issues to help you formalise the arrangements and to be sure of getting the space back when you want to.

Use this car parking licence:

  • when you want to let out a car parking space on a short term basis
  • only when the car parking space is in England and Wales

This car parking licence covers:

  • the licence fee
  • restrictions on the times and hours of use of the space
  • owner's responsibilities
  • licensee's responsibilities
  • ending the licence
  • an indemnity from the licensee for all claims arising from the use of the space

This car parking licence is an agreement between the owner of a parking space and someone who wants to rent the space.

If you wish to rent out your residential parking space and want to keep control of the space so that the user does not obtain any rights in the space then you will need to use this car parking licence. Once completed, this licence is personal to the user and cannot be transferred to another person.

The licence can be terminated by either party on notice to the other or immediately if the user is in breach of their obligations under the licence. It is usual for the notice period to be a short period of time linked to the payment of the licence fee (eg one month if the licence fee is paid monthly or one week if the licence fee is paid weekly).

The licence provides that the user indemnifies you against any costs and claims arising from their use of the space and any breach of their obligations under the licence.

During the licence period, the car is parked in the space at the user's risk.

If the parking space is at your address, this will be the address of the parking space in the licence. If it is not at your address, you will need to enter the parking space address into the licence. It is usual to include a plan showing the space in the licence.

Access given to park in the space can be restricted to specific times on specific days. The space may be available only on certain weekdays and not weekends so that it is clear that the user does not gain any formal right to the space.

The licence fee is exclusive of VAT but the user must pay any VAT that is due. The licence fee includes the cost of insuring the land and any services provided (eg providing a gate or cleaning the parking area).

The licence period is not for a fixed term and will run from the start date until it is terminated by either party giving the agreed notice to the other or by you immediately if the user is in breach of their obligations under the licence.

Ask a lawyer for:

  • a space that is linked to business premises
  • a licensee that is a company
  • long term arrangements
  • a parking space that is outside England and Wales

This licence is governed by the law of England and Wales.

Other names for Car parking licence

Licence to occupy a car parking space.