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Rocket Round Up: Webtailers and Wills

Are you a “home webtailer”? Research out last month suggested that one in six people in Britain are operating as a online business from home, either reselling goods online or making their own goods and selling through a website. As well as tax and insurance issues, it’s important when running an e-commerce business to ensure that legal obligations relating to data protection and consumer rights are met. RLUK offer guidance on data protection relating to e commerce for small businesses.

If you’re toying with the idea of joining Britain’s web entrepreneurs and running a business from home, here’s a useful analysis of the pros and cons and if success is leading to the ‘good problem’ of a lot of work for you as a sole trader, here’s some useful advice on how to cope with it.

And did you know that if you run your own company and work from home that you can rent office space from your company and claim back the cost for tax purposes? If you’d like to do this, then use our agreement for home office space to put things on the correct legal footing.

A picture is worth a thousand words

Using social media networks like Facebook and Twitter are obvious ways for SMEs to get the word out about their products and services but there’s a lot of scope for using picture based social networks for marketing. This article has some innovative ideas for how to use Pinterest for your business both for getting your message out and getting feedback from your customers.

A selfless act

In a recent article about facing up to the inevitable, Joan Bakewell described not writing a will as a seriously ‘neglectful act’ that can burden your family with disputes and delays. Pieta das Gupta, RLUK’s legal editor explains that writing your will is a selfless act that ensures peace of mind for you and your family. When you’re ready, you can start writing your will today with RLUK’s online service.


We’re hoping you’ll get some valuable R&R this bank holiday weekend but if you find yourself working and your brain is getting a little fuzzy, a new study shows that a walk in the park will work wonders for your productivity. No excuse needed!

Have a good bank holiday weekend!

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