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Property insights

Keep up with ideas and developments in property law

Property insights legal centre

  • What are our legal insights?

    Our property insights set out relevant laws and facts alongside expertly-informed analysis of what these mean for property owners, landlords and tenants.

  • Who writes our legal insights?

    Our property insights are written by members of the Rocket Lawyer UK team (eg our in-house solicitors) and by external contributors. 

    Our external contributors are experts on a range of topics. They contribute their expertise in law, business, and other unique subjects. 

    Interested in contributing an insight of your own? We'd love to hear from you! To find out more, email us at 

Our latest insights

  1. Future property law trends emerging in 2024
    7 min read
  2. Handling claims for personal injuries sustained in rental properties
    6 min read
  3. Does a right to internet exist?
    4 min read
  4. The Help to Build Scheme
    4 min read
  5. Setting up a property company as a landlord
    4 min read
  6. Maximising returns on rental property renovations
    7 min read
  7. Does consumer law apply to landlords?
    5 min read
  8. Which information do you need to disclose when selling property?
    3 min read
  9. The law on heating and air conditioning
    4 min read
  10. Security products on commercial premises
    6 min read
  11. Mediating tenant disputes
    6 min read
  12. What are green mortgages?
    2 min read
  13. How to avoid your mortgage application being held up
    5 min read

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