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Manage tenants' rights

Make sure you're aware of an comply with tenants' rights


Manage tenants' rights FAQs

  • How to manage tenants' rights

    Tenants who rent a privately-owned property are entitled to a variety of different rights. Landlords need to be aware of and comply with these rights before entering into a Tenancy agreement with any tenants. In Wales, 'tenants' are also known as 'contract holders'. For the avoidance of doubt, references to ‘tenants’ also apply to ‘contract holders’ unless otherwise specified.

  • What are tenants' rights?

    Tenants who rent a privately-owned property have responsibilities but are also entitled to several rights. These include the:

    • right to gas safety
    • right to fire safety
    • right to electrical safety
    • right to a house that is fit for human habitation and in good repair
    • right to quiet enjoyment
    • right to deposit protection

    For more information, read Tenants' rights and Tenants' rights in Scotland.

  • What are tenants' obligations?

    The tenancy agreement contains what the tenant can and cannot do at the property.  

    Other general tenant responsibilities include: 

    • keeping the property clean
    • paying the rent
    • paying all utility bills and sometimes council tax and water rates
    • keeping the interior in good repair
    • not subletting the property (without the landlord's consent)
    • allowing the landlord to carry out periodic checks to inspect the property
    • fixing any breakages
    • not damaging the property
    • ensuring that any guests are well behaved

    For more information, read Tenant and owner obligations and Tenant and owner obligations in Scotland.

  • What are landlords' obligations?

    The main obligations for landlords are: 

    • quiet enjoyment - this means that the tenant can enjoy the complete benefit of the property without the landlord adversely affecting that enjoyment
    • insurance - landlords must insure the property
    • repair - landlords must keep the structure and exterior including gutters, drains and pipes maintained and repaired

    Landlords are also liable under different legislation for gas safety, furniture safety, fire safety, environmental health and liabilities under common and civil law. As tenants are entitled to safe and secure homes, landlords must endeavour to do everything possible to ensure their property is safe.

    For more information, read Legal obligations of a landlordTenant and owner obligations and Tenant and owner obligations in Scotland.

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