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Make your Contract of employment

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Appoint a payroll provider.


Register the employer with HMRC for payroll (your payroll provider can do this).


Purchase employer’s liability insurance and consider other business insurances.


Familiarise yourself witht the rules around wages and payslips and decide what pay, benefits and work arrangements you will offer (taking into account of national minimum wage and other statutory minimum rights).


Think about pension arrangements in accordance with your auto-enrolment obligations.


Prepare a Job descriptionJob offer letter and Employment contract.


Prepare Disciplinary, Grievance and Health and safety policies, and Data protection policies (including an Employee privacy notice).


Conduct health and safety and risk assessments of premises (or appoint someone to do this) and business processes.


Check you know what 'right to work' documents you need to get from employees.


Think about recruitment and interview processes, bearing in mind discrimination laws, and consider creating a Recruitment policy.



For more information on hiring employees, read Hiring and Hire employees. For more information on managing your staff, read Manage employees. If you have any questions or concerns, do not hesitate to Ask a lawyer.

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