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How to make a Photography contract

Companies and consumers may require the services of a photographer to ensure that images are captured for promotional purposes, special events and personal use. Ensure that your photography contract is recorded in a formal, legally binding contract. This photography contract will help protect both parties by keeping a record of the details included in the provision of services.

Recently reviewed by Lauren Delin, Solicitor. 

This photography contract was last reviewed on 27 May 2021.

A photography contract is an agreement between the photographer and the client (either a business or a consumer). It documents the details of the services expected from the photographer, including the fees payable to the photographer, expenses incurred by the photographer and circumstances beyond the control of either party (ie force majeure events).

Use this photography contract if you:

  • are a business providing photography services

  • provide photography services to businesses or consumers

  • are based in England, Wales or Scotland

This photography contract covers:

  • photographer details

  • client details

  • provision of services from the photographer

  • deposits, fees and expenses

  • the deliverables

  • how payment should be made

  • late collection fees

  • liability and insurance

  • termination of the contract

A photography contract offers certainty and helps protect both parties by setting out the terms of the contract regarding the photography services to be provided.

The deliverables are all photographs, negatives, videos and other materials provided by the photographer as part of the service.

This photography contract allows you to specify the notice period that must be given by either party if they wish to end the contract. The contract can be terminated immediately from either party if there is a breach of obligation from the client or the photographer.

Ask a lawyer if:

  • the document doesn't meet your needs or cover what you want

  • you are based outside England, Wales or Scotland

This contract is governed by the laws of England and Wales or Scotland.

Other names for Photography contract

Photography services contract, Photography services agreement, General photography contract.