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What’s in a name? Choosing business name must be an essential part of your business plan

Small Business News

What’s in a name? Choosing a name for your business should be an essential part of your business plan and not an afterthought. On the Guardian Small Business Network, small business owners share their company names and why they chose them.

Speaking of business plans, RLUK’s head of legal, Pieta Das Gupta has been blogging about the importance of a road map for your business and how RLUK can help with your business planning.

Good news for micro and small businesses this week as the 3 year moratorium that exempts them from burdensome new regulation, that began in 2011, is to be extended and increased in scope, to include firms employing up to 50 staff in what will be called the Small and Micro Business Assessment (SMBA). More on what this means for small business can be found here

As young people find out how well they’ve done in their A levels and university exams, Enterprise Nation has 5 suggestions for students who want to avoid the corporate route and start out with businesses of their own. While Chris Hall asks how do we give tomorrow’s entrepreneurs the confidence they need to compete with yesterday’s baby boomers?


Tech City News look at London’s top social enterprises who use tech for social good, as The Nominet Trust launch a global search for the top 100 ‘most socially inspiring applications of digital tech’.

Whenever you’re ready to start your business, Rocket Lawyer UK offer guidance and services to ensure you get all the legal bits right. Find out more here.

Tech and Social Media News

Facebook released UK specific data this week, broken down for the first time into daily, monthly, and total, and mobile user numbers revealing that 20 million mobile users logged on in June.


If you’re organising an event and need a way to gather and share photos from it, The Next Web has suggestions for apps that can help.

Paypal reveal an app that could replace credit cards with a payment system that recognises customers by their first name and picture via a mobile phone meaning consumers can leave their wallets at home.


Sleeping on the job? Why power napping at work might not be such a bad thing after all.

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