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Rocket Round Up: Be Your Own Boss

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We’re starting this week’s Rocket RoundUp with two inspirational stories of people who are running successful businesses from home. Firstly, the mum bringing up triplets in rural Wales who set up a publishing business from her spare room and whose firm is on target to turn over £1 million. Her advice is ‘It doesn’t matter if you don’t know everything at the start, you can learn as you go along.’  Also, this week, meet the 6 foot 9 inch man who couldn’t find anything to wear and set up an online clothing business in his son’s playroom, storing his stock in the garage.

Don’t forget the garden shed! Meet the entrepreneurs using the traditional preserve of the middle-aged man at the weekends to run businesses.

If you’re inspired by these stories to set up an e-commerce business from home, it is essential to set out good terms and conditions for your business. RLUK has website privacy and terms and conditions documents for selling goods or services and a guide to your insurance responsibilities

This week in Westminster, the head of the Tech City initiative, Joanna Shields, had some encouraging words for how enterprise can help Britain out of the economic doldrums. See a video of Joanna speaking at Le Web’13 London here. To underline that point, figures emerged last month that more young jobless people than ever are showing an increasingly entrepreneurial mood and setting up their own businesses. It’s not just the young wanting to work for themselves, increasingly women in their 40s are becoming their own bosses. And meanwhile, across town in the City of London, Charley Moore the founder of Rocket lawyer was speaking at the LegalFutures – Lex Factor conference on how simple it is now for small companies starting out to get the legalities right. Take a look at our legal guide to setting up a business to find out how.

The Federation of Small Businesses have been warning small businesses of the dangers of cyber crime, which they estimate costs SMEs up to £800 million a year. They offer advice on how to protect yourself and have ten top tips on ensuring the security of your business.

Lessons from Lord Sugar

RLUK’s head of legal, Pieta das Gupta has been watching The Apprentice and its got her thinking about how Sir Alan Sugar might view solicitors. Maybe you’re not much of a TV watcher? Prefer the radio? Well, never fear,  there’s business lessons to be learned from Radio 4’s long running serial, The Archers, too.

Tough Cookie

If you’re one of those people who dread negotiating, take a lesson on hard-nosed negotiation from one of the greats, Steve Jobs.


Good news! There is an antidote to procrastination.


Have a good weekend!

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