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How to make a Self-certification form

Use this self-certification form to confirm to your employer that you have been off sick for less than 8 days.

A self-certification form is a document that certifies that you have been sick. Unlike a fit note, which is provided by a medical professional, a self-certification form is completed by you when you are/were sick. For more information, read Fit notes.

Use this self-certification form if you:

  • have been sick or injured

  • have been off work for 7 days or less

  • need to self-certify that you have been sick (eg because your employer asked you to do this)

For more information on taking time off when sick, read Managing sickness absence.

This self-certification form covers:

  • your details

  • your manager’s details

  • how long you have been sick

  • how long you have been absent from work due to being sick

  • details of the sickness

If you have been sick for less than 8 days and have been off work as a result, you do not need to provide a fit note (or other proof of sickness) to your employer. However, your employer can ask you to confirm (ie self-certify) that you have been off sick. This self-certification sickness form can be used to do this. Generally, employers will ask for employee self-certification when the employee returns to work after having been sick.

Details on self-certification should generally be provided by the employer, for example, in a Sickness policy or Employment contract.

If you are sick for more than 7 days in a row your employer can as you to provide a fit note from a medical practitioner. This is an official document from a medical professional (eg a GP) recording their medical opinion on an employee’s fitness for work. For more information, read Managing employee absenteeism.

In this self-certification sickness form, you should provide details of why you were not able to attend work. For example, because you were suffering from food poisoning or because you had a prolonged fever. Simply stating that you were sick is not enough.

If you were off because of an injury (eg a broken bone or badly twisted ankle), you should provide details of the injury. If you were injured at work this should have been reported and logged in your workplace accident book. If you were injured or became sick because of a workplace accident or illness, you may also be able to claim Industrial Injuries Disablement Benefit.

Ask a lawyer for advice if:

  • the document doesn't meet your needs or cover what you want

  • you have been sick for more than 7 days

  • you need a fit note from a medical practitioner

This self-certification form is governed by the laws of England, Wales and Scotland.

Other names for Self-certification form

Self-certification sickness form, Self-certification, Self-certification fit note, Self-certification for sickness absence, Self-cert form.