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How to make a Probation letter

A probation letter is a letter an employer used to inform an employee about their probation period and what the outcome is. Probationary periods allow employees to integrate into the workplace. They also help employers assess an employee’s suitability within a business.

Use this probation letter:

  • for employees based in England, Wales or Scotland
  • to confirm that an employees probation period has come to an end
  • to inform the employee of the outcome of their probation period, either when:
    • they have completed their probation period successfully
    • they have completed their probation period unsuccessfully, or
    • the employee's probation period is to be extended

This probation end letter covers

  • confirmation that the probation period has ended
  • the outcome of the probation period

A new employee’s performance should be reviewed and assessed after a probation period. The employee should be informed in writing of the outcome of their probation period (eg if they have passed their probation).

Issuing a probation letter ensures you keep employees informed about the outcome of their work probation and shows you deal carefully with their integration within the business.

Probationary periods generally last three months, although they can be shorter and extended if necessary. Such periods are normally included as a clause in the main Employment contract.

The probation letter can inform the employee that they:

  • have passed their probationary period successfully
  • will have their probationary period extended
  • have not passed their probationary period successfully

The probation letter should be sent at the latest on the last day of the probation period.

Ask a Lawyer for:

  • employees based outside England, Wales or Scotland

This probation end letter is governed by the law of England and Wales or the law of Scotland.

Other names for Probation letter

Probation letter, Pass probation letter, End of probation letter UK, Probation letter template, Probation end letter, Probation period at work letter, Probation extension letter, Extension of probation period letter, Work probation letter.