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How to make House rules for lodgers

The house rules for lodgers set out the key rules the lodger has to respect and follow within the property. Lodger rules also contain main information regarding the property (including how much the rent is and when it is due).

Clearly set out lodger house rules using this simple house rules for lodgers template. Avoid conflict by clearly setting out what is and is not permitted within your property and what is expected of the lodger. These house rules for renting a room cover the level of rent and the date it is due. Use these house rules in addition to your lodger agreement to set out clearly what's expected.

Use these house rules for lodgers when you:

  • want to rent out your property to a lodger
  • want to give the lodger a set of easily accessible house rules in addition to your Lodger agreement
  • are based in England, Wales or Scotland

These house rules for lodgers cover:

  • the level of rent and the date the rent is due
  • what the lodger can do at the property
  • what the lodger can't do at the property
  • what you expect from the lodger whilst they are at the property and are to be used in conjunction with the lodger agreement

Having house rules in addition to your lodger agreement ensures the lodger knows what is permitted or not within the property. These rules will give you peace of mind when taking in a lodger, as they set out clearly what the lodger can and cannot do in the house.

A Lodger agreement is a type of residential let that sets out the terms under which a lodger can occupy the property. It is used when you are looking to rent out a room at your property while remaining in the property.

Under these house rules, lodgers must:

  • pay rent in due time
  • pay for telephone charges at the property
  • keep their room as well as the shared facilities clean and tidy
  • keep their own items secure

Under these house rules, lodgers must not:

  • smoke in the property
  • bring any pet in the house
  • move or damage any furniture, pictures or wall hangings
  • cause any nuisance to other lodgers, such as noise nuisance or night visitors
  • make excessive use of shared utilities such as gas or electricity

Ask a lawyer for:

  • any amendments or additions that you want to make to the rules

Other names for House rules for lodgers

Template for house rules.