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How much does it cost to initially register a trade mark?

In the UK, you can register your trade mark with the Intellectual Property Office (IPO). The costs for this vary depending on how you are registering your mark.

Standard application online

If you are registering your trade mark with a standard application online, this costs £170 (and covers the first trade mark class). Any additional classes cost £50

For example, if you are registering your trade mark online in two classes, this will cost £220 (£170 for the application in the first trade mark class and £50 for the second).

Paper application

If you are registering your trade mark using a paper form, this costs £200. As with online applications, each additional trade mark class costs £50

Right Start application

If you want to ensure your trade mark application meets the requirements for registration, you can use the IPO’s Right Start service. This service allows your mark to be examined and reviewed by an examiner (for half of the total application fee). You will then receive a feedback report allowing you to consider any objections before proceeding with your application.

The Right Start service costs £200 in total and £50 per additional trade mark class. However, upfront you pay £100 (to have your trade mark initially examined) and £25 (per additional trade mark class). 

If you decide to go ahead with your registration after receiving the examiner’s feedback, you pay the remaining balance (£100 plus £25 per extra trade mark class). If you decide to not go ahead with your registration after receiving feedback, you do not have to pay the remaining fees. 

For more information on the registration process, read How to register a trade mark.

How much does it cost to renew a trade mark?

If you want to renew a trade mark (online or by post), you need to pay the applicable fees.

Renewing your mark costs £200 for the first trade mark class your mark is in. Any additional classes cost £50. When renewing your mark, you can reduce the number of classes you want it to be registered in.

If you are late in renewing your trade mark (ie if your trade mark expired within the last 6 months), you also need to pay a late renewal fee of £50.

How much does it cost to restore a trade mark?

If your trade mark expired more than 6 months but less than 1 year ago, you can request to have your mark restored to the register. This involves providing a statement explaining why you didn’t renew your trade mark in time and paying a fee of £100

If the IPO is satisfied with your statement, your trade mark will be renewed. Please note that the £100 fee is not refundable. This means that if your request for restoration is refused, the fee will not be refunded.

What about international trade marks?

The costs for registering international trade marks depend on where you want to protect your mark.

EU trade mark (EUTM)

You can protect your trade mark in European Union (EU) member states by applying for a EUTM through the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO).

If you apply for a EUTM online, this costs €850 for the first class of goods or services. If you apply using a paper form, this costs €1,000. Additional trade mark classes costs: 

  • €50 for the second class

  • €150 for the third and all subsequent classes

You can use the EUIPO’s fee calculator to determine the cost of your EUTM application. All EUIPO fees must be paid in Euros (EUR).

Note that EU trade mark application fees are different if you are applying for a collective mark (ie a trade mark for members of a trade association, rather than just one trader).

For more information on applying for a EUTM, read Registering a trade mark in the EU.

Madrid Protocol

You can register your trade mark internationally under the Madrid Protocol which is controlled by the World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO)

The cost will depend on the number of countries you want to register your trade mark in and the countries in question. You can use the WIPO’s fee calculator to work out how much registration costs. The fees must be paid in Swiss francs (CHF) to the WIPO in Geneva.

You will also need to pay a UK handling fee of £40 for the application to be processed in the UK.

For more information on applying for a trade mark under the Madrid Protocol, read International trade marks.

See the government’s website for a full list of all trade mark-related fees or for comprehensive guidance on protecting your intellectual property abroad. If you have any questions about registering your trade mark, Ask a lawyer

If you would like a lawyer to assist you in registering your mark, consider using our Trade Mark Registration Service

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