5 questions to ask when hiring for your startup

5 questions to ask when hiring for your startup

1. What goals do I need to achieve?

As a new business, you are likely to have certain goals to realise. A good way to help you decide who to hire, is to consider these goals, figure out what specific activities need to happen to achieve these goals, and what knowledge and skills are needed to complete those activities. This should help you to figure out if you need a more senior employee to accomplish a certain goal or a whether a junior employee can handle it.

2.What skills do I (we) possess already?

It is likely you (and your co-founders) have certain skills already. When assessing who you need to hire consider your own skill set and what you (and they) can take on.

3. How long do I need someone for?

If a particular project requires expertise, but it likely to be a short-term project you could consider hiring a consultant or contractor to complete this activity.

4. What do I need in place before hiring someone?

You need to appoint a payroll provider and register with HMRC for payroll. You should take out employer’s liability insurance, which covers the cost of compensating employees if they are injured at work or become ill because of the work they do. You should also consider what pension arrangements you wish to make as all employees have to be enrolled into either the government pension scheme or equivalent.

5. What documents are involved when making my first hire?

You need to check that your new employee has the “right to work” in UK. This is done by checking one or more “acceptable document”. You need to obtain, check the validity and take a copy of this “acceptable document”. Read this guide for a list of acceptable documents and a detailed explanation of the process.

All employees with at least one month’s service should have a written statement of certain employment terms, within two months of starting work. The easiest way to supply this is to give them an employment contract.

You should consider creating some written employment policies. Policies reduce legal risk and help employees to know how to deal with workplace issues. You must supply at least a health and safety policy if the business has more than 5 employees. Rocket Lawyer has a number of HR policies to help you with your employment issues.

For further guidance on making your first hires read read Hiring for your startup.