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How to make a Share certificate

A share certificate, also known as a stock certificate is a document used as legal proof that the person named on it is a member of the stated company and holds shares in that company.

A company must issue share certificates for its shareholders within two months of its formation or the date of a new share issue or transfer. An issue of shares only becomes binding on a new shareholder when the company notifies them with this stock certificate.

Use this share certificate for:

  • new individual shareholders in:
    • a recently formed company
    • an existing company issuing more shares
  • existing individual shareholders:
    • receiving transferred shares
    • that have lost their certificates

This share certificate covers the key information needed, including:

  • name and address of the shareholder
  • number of shares held by the shareholder
  • type of shares (ordinary)
  • share price
  • date of issue
  • a unique share certificate number
  • details of the company issuing the shares

You will need to create a share certificate to give to shareholders when you first create a company or when you issue or transfer new shares. 

Ask a lawyer for advice if a shareholder has shares of:

  • a class other than ordinary
  • more than one class

Other names for Share certificate

Share certificate template, Stock certificate.