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How to make a Rent receipt

Use this document to provide your tenants with a receipt of the rent they’ve paid you for a rental period.

Recently reviewed by Adnan Mahmood, Solicitor and Head of Legal, UK. 

This rent receipt was last reviewed on 13 May 2022.

Use this rent receipt template:

  • to provide the tenant(s) with a receipt of the rent they have paid

  • if the property is based in England, Wales or Scotland

This rent receipt template covers:

  • details of the tenant(s)

  • details of the landlord(s) or their agent

  • the rental period the rent payment applies to

  • the amount of rent payable 

  • the amount of rent paid

  • how much rent remains outstanding (if any)

  • whether a rent repayment plan is in place

A rent receipt is a document provided by the landlord(s) or their agent whenever a tenant makes a rent payment. 

Rent receipts help landlords and tenants maintain a record of all rent payments that have been made and how much rent, if any, remains unpaid.

In essence, a rent receipt acts like a bill or sales receipt, providing proof that a transaction took place.

Landlords (or their agents) should use a rent receipt when they rent residential property to tenants, who make rent payments. For example, a landlord renting a flat to a tenant should use a rent receipt to confirm that the rent payment for the flat has been made.

A Rent repayment plan is an agreement between a landlord and a tenant for the repayment of deferred rent payments. 

If a tenant is struggling to pay their rent because of unforeseeable difficult circumstances (eg the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic) they can ask their landlord for a rent holiday and/or deferred rent payments. A repayment plan can help avoid any potential conflict by setting out clear rules for the repayment of the deferred rent by the tenant.

If there are residential rent arrears (ie any overdue rent owed by tenants), you should act immediately. Where rent is not paid in full, this rent receipt asks tenants to make the payment immediately.

If your tenant is not paying the whole of the rent, speak to them about this. Depending on their situation you may agree to enter into a rent repayment plan.

Alternatively (especially if a tenant does not reply), you can consider sending a Rent demand letter. This letter enables you to request immediate payment of the outstanding rent from your tenant. If the rent remains outstanding after you have reached out to the tenant you may need to take further action, including sending a Final rent demand letter.

If a tenant becomes financially unable to rent the property, it may be best to end the tenancy. Depending on the situation this may involve the landlord and tenant agreeing to end the tenancy or the landlord evicting the tenant.

For more information, read Managing residential rent arrears.

Under the Tenant Fees Act 2019, interest can be charged on late payments of rent in England and Wales. Any rent that remains outstanding for at least 14 days may be subject to interest at a maximum of 3% above the Bank of England base rate. Interest is calculated from the date the rent was due to when payment is received. 

You should check your Tenancy agreement to see if you can charge interest on any rent arrears owed. For more information, read Tenant fees and Managing residential rent arrears.

Ask a lawyer if:

  • this document does not cover your legal needs

  • the property is not based in England, Wales or Scotland

This rent receipt is governed by the laws of England, Wales and Scotland.

Other names for Rent receipt

Invoice for rent payment, Rent receipt template, Rent invoice, Rent payment receipt, Rent invoice template, Rental invoice, Tenant payment receipt, Tenant rent receipt.