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How to make a Business continuity plan

Business continuity refers to maintaining business functions or quickly resuming business functions in the event of an emergency or major disruption (eg a fire or a pandemic). A business continuity plan sets out the procedures and processes a business needs in order to continue operating during such an emergency and to recover as quickly as possible.

A business continuity plan is used to identify possible risks or threats, operational areas impacted, and the appropriate recovery strategy and personnel. Use this business continuity plan template to outline emergency plans to keep a business operational in case of an emergency.

Use this business continuity plan if:

  • you are a business 

  • you want to prepare the business in case of potential disruption

The plan can protect your business from disruptions caused by the following situations: 

  • disease outbreak (eg coronavirus)
  • Brexit
  • technological problems
  • fires
  • natural disasters

This business continuity plan covers:

  • business details

  • what emergency will trigger the use of the plan

  • the impact of the emergency on the business

  • what the recovery procedure will be

  • what resources will be needed to recover the business

  • who forms part of the recovery team

  • where the business will be relocated to

  • what teams and resources will need to be relocated

  • who is responsible for internal and external communications and for communications to suppliers

All businesses, regardless of size, should have a business continuity plan in place. Having a business continuity plan in place ensures that the business is prepared in case of an emergency by enabling the business to cope in a crisis and by minimising the disruption to the business and its customers.

A business continuity plan should be regularly reviewed and tested to ensure that it remains relevant and up to date. Such reviews and tests are usually carried out annually or every other year. The business continuity plan allows you to specify the frequency of such reviews and tests.

The response personnel are the employees in the recovery team, tasked with maintaining business continuity in accordance with the business continuity plan. You should set out which employees are part of the recovery team and what their roles and responsibilities are. You should also set out who the recovery team leader is.

Ask a lawyer if:

  • you are unsure how to complete the business continuity plan

  • you are based in Scotland

This business continuity plan is governed by the law of England and Wales.

Other names for Business continuity plan

Business contingency plan, Disaster plan, Business disaster plan, Disaster relief plan, Business continuity policy.