Redundancy policy - new document

The redundancy policy is now live!

Rocket Lawyer’s newest document, the redundancy policy is now live! Read on to find out why you need this policy for your business. 

Why do I need a redundancy policy?

A redundancy policy explains to employees how redundancy decisions are to be made, and summarises their statutory rights. Having this policy in place assures employees that you will maintain good communication and consultation, if redundancies have to be made.

This redundancy procedure assists managers by reminding them of their consultation obligations and need to communicate clearly with all employees affected. It also helps to ensure fairness and avoid discrimination.

What does it include?

This policy lists

  • the purpose of the redundancy policy
  • consultation obligations and how they will be dealt with
  • explanation of the selection criteria and process
  • redeployment
  • dismissal by reason of redundancy

Create a redundancy policy now for your business. Try today!

Camilla Johnson

Camilla Johnson is the digital acquisition specialist for Rocket Lawyer UK. She has a law degree from Keele University, a post graduate diploma in professional legal practice and a diploma in digital marketing.