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Ready to share your customer story?

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What’s included in our customer stories?

Our customer stories tell our audiences all about how our customers have used Rocket Lawyer to solve legal and personal problems. They also provide a way for our customers to share the successes and learnings they’ve experienced while building and running their businesses. They include, for example:

  • key information about the customer’s business and its market, if they use Rocket Lawyer as a business

  • identifying how the Rocket Lawyer documents and services that the customer has used have helped them

  • achievements and key lessons learnt as a business, landlord, or property owner 

What can you get in return for sharing your customer story?

We offer our customers a Rocket Lawyer membership in exchange for their customer stories. The length of membership we’re able to grant you to thank you for sharing your story depends on exactly what you share. We’ll generally provide:

All memberships are granted at the end of the customer story development process. This means once we’ve worked on the presentation of your story with you so that you and we are both happy with it, and it’s prepared for publication. For more information on what this process involves, read ‘What’s the process for sharing your customer story?’ below. 

In addition, our sharing your customer story can be an excellent promotion opportunity for your business. Millions of people visit our website every year and we have thousands of followers across our social media accounts. Your story will be promoted to all of these people.  

How do we share customer stories?

Our customer stories are published as articles on the Rocket Lawyer UK website in our customer story centre.

We also share our customer stories via our social media accounts. We may:

  • promote and post a link to the article itself on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter/X, and other platforms 

  • post the photograph you provided with your customer story, sometimes as part of a visual asset (eg a graphic featuring the image and a quote from your customer story), on platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn

  • tag your business in our social media posts about you so that you can reshare!

  • promote your customer story or aspects of it in our marketing emails or other marketing materials, or on pages on our website

If your story contains a quote endorsing a particular one of our documents, we may also include this quote on that document’s page on our website. If you’ve sent us your business’ logo and/or a suitable headshot of yourself, we’ll include this with the quote. As well as informing other customers about our documents, this provides additional promotion for your business within the most important pages of our website.

Who can share their customer story?

We’d love to hear from any of our UK customers who have used Rocket Lawyer to help them solve a legal or business issue. This includes:

  • business customers - anyone who runs or works for a business and uses Rocket Lawyer for their commercial or employment needs

  • property customers - anyone who uses Rocket Lawyer as a landlord, property owner or manager, or tenant

  • private individuals - anyone who uses Rocket Lawyer for their or their family’s personal legal and organisational needs

The only caveat is that we need to receive enough information to be able to write up an engaging story for our audiences. Take a look at our existing customer stories to see how much information we generally include.  

You can submit a customer story whether you have a currently active Rocket Lawyer membership or not, as long as you have experience of using Rocket Lawyer services (including our documents, legal advice, legal drafting, RocketSign, or legal guides services, or any of our other services).

We may, if we have too many customer story submissions at one time, temporarily pause accepting new stories while we finish developing those we already have. 

What’s the process for sharing your customer story?

It’s super easy to get started: just fill in our quick and simple customer story questionnaire. Or, if you’d rather, you can schedule a video call with us in which we’ll talk through the questionnaire with you. 

Once we’ve got your answers to the questionnaire, one of our team will write up your customer story in the format we use for publication. If your story covers your use of Rocket Lawyer as a business, we may also include information about your business that we gather from your business’ website. If we need any additional information or clarification from you, we’ll get in touch via the email address you provide. 

Once our write-up is complete, we’ll send the complete story to you so that you can read it and approve it before it’s published. We’ll include the image that we plan to use to accompany your story.

When we’ve landed on a final version you and we are both happy with, we’ll grant your Rocket Legal membership and publish your customer story on our website. Soon after this, we’ll promote your story in various ways via our social media accounts, and may re-promote it in this way in future.   

We use photographs to accompany your customer story

Once we’ve received your questionnaire answers, we’ll email you and request that you send us a photograph (or multiple photographs) to accompany your customer story.

Wherever possible, we will publish a photograph of you with your customer story. This is the main image at the top of the article. We prefer photographs of our customers that:

  • feature people - either you, your employees, or your customers. If you send a photograph with anybody other than you in it, make sure that everybody in the photograph has given you permission to use their image in this way. Photographs of you with your product or workplace work well

  • fit our house style - ideally positive, friendly, colourful, and sharp

  • are professional - photographs should be clear and should give a friendly yet professional impression

  • are high resolution - usually a minimum of 2000 pixels wide and 2000 pixels high

  • are landscape - or which can be cropped to be landscape whilst still meeting all of the other requirements

Sometimes, if you don’t have a suitable photograph with people in it to use as the main image accompanying your story, a photograph without people can also work well. Here’s an example of a photograph portraying a business customer that’s suitably bright and engaging without featuring people: Customer story: Pickled Pepper Books.

If you’ve got multiple images (photographs and/or graphics) that you think would enhance your customer story, please send through as many as you like and we can include additional images within the text of your story.

If your business has a logo, you can also send this through to us so that we can use it in the promotion of your customer story.

If you’re unsure which image to use as your customer story’s main image, feel free to send us multiple options and we’ll let you know which will work best.

If you’re unable to supply a suitable photograph to use as your customer story’s main image, we can still publish your customer story. We’ll suggest a stock image that we’ll use as the main image instead. 

You can also provide a video clip

We’re keen to start sharing our customers’ stories in an even more engaging way: via short video content.

We’ll share short video clips of our customers talking about an aspect of their customer story.

This would just be a quick clip of you answering one of the questions in the questionnaire or talking about one of the topics more broadly. For example, how you used Rocket Lawyer to solve an issue or one of the biggest things you’ve learnt while running a business. You’d be able to choose which question or topic you wish to speak about. You’re also welcome to get creative with your filming - for example, by showing us around your business’ workspace or showing us an example of the work you’re doing that you’ve used Rocket Lawyer to support. 

If you’re interested in sharing a video clip, just select ‘Yes’ when prompted during the questionnaire. Then, once you’ve submitted your questionnaire, we’ll be in touch to discuss the aspect of your customer story you’re thinking of recording and to work through the recording process with you. You won’t need to go anywhere or do anything specific and no professional filming or production is required - you’ll just need to film a bright clip that’s appropriate for a business’ social media accounts (eg using a smartphone). We’ll then prepare your clip and publish it via our social media accounts. 

If we publish a video clip of part of your customer story, we’ll grant you a longer Rocket Legal membership.

How do we grant you a Rocket Legal membership in exchange for your customer story?

When your customer story is published, we will grant your Rocket Legal membership for the agreed duration.

If you do not have a current active Rocket Lawyer membership (ie you had one in the past, but don’t at the moment), the membership will simply be applied to an email address of your choice. 

If you have a current active Rocket Legal membership, you’ll need to stop your membership at the end of the current payment period (eg month) and let us know. We can then apply the membership you’re receiving in exchange for your customer story to the same email address used for this Rocket Legal membership. Once the membership you’re given in exchange for your customer story ends, you can restart your old Rocket Legal membership using the same email address. 

If you have a current active Rocket Legal+ membership, you don’t need to wait until the end of your current payment period to receive the membership you’re receiving in exchange for your customer story (this could be up to a year!). Instead, we can simply refund the agreed-upon number of months of your annual membership. Your Rocket Legal+ membership will continue as usual.

Any questions? Feel free to get in touch by email at

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