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Tell us about Sum Vivas

Founded in 2022, Sum Vivas utilises artificial intelligence (AI) to create intelligent and precisely tailored digital humans. Our clients use our digital humans alongside human colleagues to offer exceptional customer service, sales, and marketing communications to their customers. We help our clients to deliver efficient and engaging customer experiences to build unique and genuine customer relationships. We work with businesses of all sizes and various client types, including many businesses in the hospitality, retail, healthcare, marketing, and service spaces. 

From inception, Sum Vivas has been designed to be both commercially successful and to create tangible social benefits. Our values are based on equality, inclusion, diversity, and talent development. 

What is your biggest business achievement so far?

In 2023 we were awarded the Creative Catalyst award by Innovate UK. This award recognised the excellence of our project perfecting the real-time interaction of digital humans and humans, which allows customers to interact with movement and speech in real time.

What is the biggest lesson you’ve learned since starting your business?

Keep going and trust your vision. 

How has Rocket Lawyer helped your business?

The proper and robust documentation provided by Rocket Lawyer has been essential to achieving our dual objectives of obtaining commercial success and offering tangible social benefits. The service is great, easy to use, and available when you need it. We’ve made various key legal documents, including contracts for customers, employees (eg employment contracts), and directors.

What next?

We’re looking to take on more employees and to develop new services using our digital humans. For example, we want to offer enhanced intelligent digital humans with care and support capabilities to combat isolation and loneliness.


Thanks to Rob for telling us all about Sum Vivas!

Visit the Sum Vivas website to learn more about what they do. 

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