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Tell us about Business on Trend.

Business on Trend operates as a consultant in the EV charging industry. We work with EV companies, suppliers, charger manufacturers, and others, to help them navigate the EV charger market. We provide advice and insight, help with product development and procurement, and assist with contract negotiations. 

Our expertise covers EV chargers and software products that support EV systems. We’re also planning to expand soon to cover EV accessories, energy storage solutions, and renewable energy products. 

We’re all about making it easier for our clients to navigate this constantly evolving industry, and are proud to do so with a focus on reliability, quality, sustainability, safety, and innovation. 

What is your biggest business achievement so far?

Business on Trend only launched in February 2023. Despite this, we’ve already secured a contract to represent DC charger manufacturer NIDEC Industrial as they enter the EV charging infrastructure space. They’re a leading global manufacturer of electric motors and drives, industrial automation systems, and renewable energy solutions. 

What is the biggest lesson you’ve learned since starting your business?

To be organised and to pay for specialised systems and people that can make it easier to run your business – for example, Rocket Lawyer. 

How has Rocket Lawyer helped your business?

I used Rocket Lawyer’s customisable forms and contracts to set up my website (eg using a Cookie policy and Website terms and conditions), set up partnerships (eg using Collaboration agreementsConsultancy agreements, and Distribution agreements), and to enter into agreements and Non-disclosure agreements (NDAs).

How has your experience using Rocket Lawyer been so far?

It’s been a great experience, easy to use and helps you build the legal foundation of your business. You can use the free trial to try out the Rocket Lawyer services and, if the model suits your business, the costs are reasonable so you can happily continue using the services on an ongoing basis. 

Where to next?

Thanks to Limara Ballantyne for telling us all about Business on Trend! 

Take a look at the Business on Trend website to learn more about what they do. 

Take a look at Rocket Lawyer’s document library to see how we might be able to help your business too. 

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