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Buy and sell goods

Buy or sell personal belongings


Buying and selling goods FAQs

  • Buying and selling a vehicle

    Buying or selling a car or other motor vehicle can involve significant sums of money so it's important to create a legal basis for the deal. A Vehicle sale agreement can be used by private individuals wishing to create a full and final legal contract. It sets out all of the important things to be included such as details of the seller and the buyer, the price and payment terms for the vehicle, all the necessary DVLA information about the vehicle and how to deal with any damage to the vehicle.

    When selling a car remember to prepare all the necessary paperwork, including the V5C registration document (logbook), handbook, MOT certificate and service log and warranty, if applicable. You'll need to complete the tear-off portion at the bottom of the V5C registration document and send this to the DVLA, giving the top part to the new owner. It's vital that the buyer is informed of any damage to, or problems with, the vehicle by the seller before the sale goes ahead. For further information, read Buying and selling a vehicle.

  • Returning a used car

    When you buy a used car and it turns out to be faulty, your legal rights will depend on who you bought the car from and how the car was described. If you bought the car from a registered dealer you will have consumer protection under the Consumer Rights Act. The Act states that the car must be of satisfactory quality, fit for purpose and be as described in any marketing or promotional materials. If the car fails to meet any of these standards, you will have a right to reject the car within 30 days of purchasing it and claim a refund. For further information, read Returning a used car.

  • Selling personal goods

    If you're selling personal goods to another private individual, you may want to get things done on a formal basis to ensure the sale is effective, particularly if it's a high-value transaction. Using a Sale of personal goods contract means that the sale of your goods is recorded in a legally binding manner, helping to protect your own interests as much as possible. This type of contract should include a full description of what is being sold and the price of the goods together with any delivery charges.

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