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Implement a clear remote working policy

Working remotely comes with some uncertainty and staff may not know if or when they may be asked to be in the office. To clearly set out what your workplace policies regarding remote working are, you should adopt a Working from home policy or a Hybrid working policy.

A working from home policy sets out an employer’s approach to home working. It acts as an agreement between the employer and the employee that defines who is eligible to work from home, the process for requesting to work from home, as well as the approval process.

A hybrid working policy is similar to a full working from home policy. However, it provides details of the hybrid working arrangement, outlining when employees should work from home and from the office.

Having in place a clear and easily accessible policy can help put your staff members’ minds at ease.

Encourage clear boundaries

With remote working comes the difficulty that staff no longer have a physical separation between their home and the workplace. Without a commute, which indicates the start and end of the workday, staff members may find it difficult to separate their working time from their personal time. This can result in staff constantly feeling like they are in work mode and can exacerbate stress levels. This is especially important as stress, depression or anxiety accounted for 50% of all work-related ill health cases in 2021.

With 30% of workers reporting an increase in their hours whilst working from home, employers should encourage remote workers to set clear boundaries between their work and personal lives. Managers should emphasise the importance of a clear work-life balance and should encourage staff to stick to their regular working hours and take breaks regularly. If someone is regularly working or sending emails outside of their normal working hours, managers should speak to them to ensure they aren’t struggling or suffering from heightened stress levels.

Stay in touch

A key benefit of office working is the ability to speak to others and ask for support as and when needed. By working remotely, remote workers do not benefit from this – in fact, up to 60% of workers reported feeling less connected to teams and colleagues while working from home.

As a result, employers need to work extra hard to maintain a strong relationship between the employer and members of staff. Managers should set up frequent one-on-one meetings with remote workers and check in with staff to ensure that these meetings meet their needs.

Foster an open working environment  

Employers should work towards fostering an open working environment where staff members feel comfortable talking about any difficulties they face. One of the main hurdles of remote working is loneliness. 

Care must be taken to stay connected with remote staff members, to ensure they are supported and feel able to raise any concerns they may have. Employers should encourage open conversations about mental health to help support staff. Managers should also be trained to recognise if a member of staff is struggling.


For more information on supporting well-being in the workplace, read How to support mental health and wellbeing in the workplace

Employers need to make sure they tailor their approach towards remote workers according to their business and workers’ needs. This will also include complying with health and safety and first aid obligations for any remote workers. Remember that you can always Ask a lawyer if you have any questions or concerns about remote working.

Rebecca Neumann
Rebecca Neumann
Senior Acquisition Manager at Rocket Lawyer UK

Rebecca is the Senior Acquisition Manager at Rocket Lawyer UK. She graduated from Queen Mary University of Laws with a law degree and has completed her LPC at the University of Laws.

She is passionate about intellectual property and private client law, and strongly believes that legal services should be affordable and accessible to all.

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