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How to make a Statutory declaration of name change

A statutory declaration of change of name is a document that can be used if you would like official organisations (eg. your bank, building society, the passport office etc) to recognise your new name. It can be used to change any part of your name (first name, surname, middle names etc). It provides written evidence that you have decided to change your name and would like your records changed to reflect your new choice of name.

Make sure you follow proper legal procedure when you want to officially change your given name, surname or both with this statutory declaration of name change.

Use this statutory declaration of name change template:

  • when you want to officially change your name, surname or both
  • to provide evidence to the passport office, banks and other organisations that you have changed your name
  • if you are based in England, Wales or Scotland

 Once you have completed and printed your statutory declaration of name change you will have to have it sworn by a solicitor for it to be valid. You must also sign this document with your old and new name.

This statutory declaration of name change:

  • provides written evidence that you have changed your name and now want only to be known by your new name
  • will be accepted at most banks and other organisations as long as the name change is genuine and isn't fraudulent

Although anyone can change their name at any time, in order to use a new name on official documents or have the change recognised by government organisations, banks and even utility companies, you will usually be required to provide evidence of your change of name.

Using a statutory declaration of name change is similar to getting your name changed by a deed poll. However, unlike a deed poll, you cannot have a statutory declaration officially registered.

Aside from statutory declaration of name change and deed poll, the other way of changing your name is through marriage, civil partnership, divorce or dissolution of civil partnership.

As with a deed poll, in order to make a statutory declaration of a change of name, you must be aged 18 or over. Ask a lawyer for advice if you would like to change the name of your children (eg. in the case of divorce and remarriage).

A statutory declaration of name change should include your old name, the new name you wish to be known by, your clear intention to change your name accordingly, and your current address. You will then need to sign it (using your new name) in the presence of a solicitor or a magistrate (Justice of the Peace). The solicitor or magistrate must also include their details and sign the document to make it valid.

You should inform all official organisations, banks and companies which you deal with on a regular basis. These may include:

  • Passport office;
  • DVLA (driving licence);
  • Doctors and dentists;
  • Your bank, credit card company and building society;
  • Your employer;
  • Utility companies; and
  • Phone and broadband providers.

You may also need to change your name with any online shopping or entertainment companies which hold your payment details (eg. Amazon or Netflix) and your local gym or companies with which you have direct debit arrangements. This is because a different name to the one held by your bank or credit card provider can cause payment issues.

Ask a lawyer for:

  • changing your name by a deed poll. You will need to go down this route to have your change of name officially registered. However, this is not a legal requirement in England and Wales and a statutory declaration is accepted for most purposes as evidence of a change of name.
  • changing the name of a child

This statutory declaration of name change is governed by the law of England, Wales or Scotland.

Other names for Statutory declaration of name change

Name change by statutory declaration.

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