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A sale of goods contract will help to protect both parties by setting out the terms of your agreement, a description of what is being bought and the price.

Record the sale of your products or personal items in a formal, legally binding contract, whether you are an individual or business.

In addition, if you are a business selling to a business this contract will also set out warranty terms and limitations on liability.

If you are selling to an individual (and you are an individual yourself), then a sale of personal goods contract will protect your agreement and set out key terms.

  • Sale of goods agreement to a business  can be used when you are supplying goods to another businesses
  • Sale of personal goods contract covers the sale of goods which are owned by the seller, the description of what is to be bought, and the price, including delivery fees.

  • Bill of sale is a document that legally records a transfer of the ownership of personal property. It cannot be used when performing services. If services are involved (such as graphic designing or business consulting), you should use a general Services agreement.

Other names for Sale of goods agreement

Sales agreement, Bill of sale.