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MAKE YOUR FREE Business purchase agreement

MAKE YOUR FREE Business purchase agreement

What is being sold?

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How to make a Business purchase agreement

A share purchase agreement (SPA) sets out the terms and conditions of the purchase and sale of company shares.


An asset purchase agreement is made between a buyer and seller and sets out the terms and conditions of the purchase of assets.

An asset purchase agreement deals with the assets of a business. These can include property, contracts, equipment and resources. Purchasing the assets of a company does not give you control over that company. 

A share purchase agreement deals with the sale of shares in a business. Depending on the proportion sold to the buyer this could be a controlling stake, or the entire business. The buyer would also be entitled to a share of the profits of the business.

For more information read Share purchase agreements and Asset purchase agreements.

Use this business purchase agreement template:

  • if you want to buy or sell the entire share capital in a company or buy or sell specific assets in a business

  • to set out the sale in a formal agreement 

  • if you need to impose restrictions on the seller post sale

  • for businesses located in England, Wales or Scotland

This business purchase agreement covers:

  • details of the buyer and seller

  • specifications of the assets or shares

  • the completion date of the acquirement 

  • warranties, representations and limitations on liability

  • notices

  • confidentiality

You may need this type of agreement if you:

  • wish to sell assets or shares in your business
  • are completing a merger and/or acquisition 
  • want to purchase a business or certain assets of a business

This document is sometimes also known as Business purchase agreement

Business sale agreement, Asset purchase agreement, Share purchase agreement, Stock purchase agreement.

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