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Rocket Round Up: Spring Cleaning!

Spring seems finally to have sprung, so its time to don the Marigolds and get down to the spring cleaning and not just those overstuffed cupboards and drawers either. Our legal editor, Pieta, is recommending that small businesses take advantage of this time of year to ensure that all their legal paperwork is up to date and ready for the new financial year. While you’re in the mood for decluttering, here’s some top tips for spring cleaning your inbox too.

Work-Life Balance

It would seem that it really is the early bird that catches the worm. Top CEOs reveal that getting up early is part and parcel of their success, although this entrepreneur urges people to think again about what makes a successful boss. You don’t have to lead a miserable life when trying to build yourself a great company, he says… or you could base your whole management style on Game of Thrones, of course.

Learning the hard way

Everybody makes mistakes. A new book on the story of Polaroid has a lot to teach us today about entrepreneurship, ingenuity and failure. The trick is to learn from your mistakes, just like this entrepreneur. On the other hand, attention to detail is pretty important, as these businesses found out to their cost, plus here’s some more things to avoid in order not to sabotage your own business.


Continuing our occasional series on alternative uses for office stationery, why not raid the post-it notes shelf and build your own retro video games?

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Mark Edwards

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With a decade of experience as an innovator and business leader in the UK legal industry, Mark specializes in creating and growing new businesses based on sound market insight and customer need. He sees the team and the people in it as the crucial component for building a successful business.

Prior to joining Rocket Lawyer in 2012, Mark led the legal business development team for LexisNexis UK. There, he managed a cross-functional team, and was responsible for the full lifecycle of product innovation—from proposition development and business case, through the launch and early sales traction. During his time at LexisNexis UK he built two new successful product lines. Previously, Mark was a user experience consultant, working in various industries including telecommunications and health.

Mark has a Computing degree, a masters in User Experience, and a PhD in Artificial Intelligence.