How do I dismiss my employee legally?

Ask a lawyer

At Rocket Lawyer UK we’ve helped to answer over 10,000 legal questions from our members since 2012. From doing some analysis we’ve managed to pick out some common issues that […]

Employee references: what are the obligations of an employer?

Employee references

Ending an employment relationship is often fraught with potential difficulties, particularly if you need to dismiss an employee. Even once you have successfully followed any relevant processes for dismissal or […]

Employment tribunal system needs radical reform – Law Society

Employment tribunal reform

Unlawful employment practices will continue to go unpunished unless the tribunal system is overhauled, the Law Society has warned today. The Law Society has published proposals to transform the employment […]

A day in the life of a manager

a day in the life of a manger

Successfully managing members of staff in today’s modern workplace is no mean feat. There’s a multitude of issues and employment laws that managers face on a day to day basis, from sickness […]

How to end someones employment fairly and legallly

As an employer, there are sometimes very difficult decisions to be made. When it comes to ending the employment of one of your members of staff, you need to make […]