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b1f25dab351b54a014255a0d49383185 Stan Sinberg | November 4, 2014
It's Election Day!!! For those of you who spent the last few months on another planet or in a coma or merely, like 60% of... Read more»
e45716c4c2f1c49f7b2229c89d37dc6a Joe Baur | October 31, 2014
Growing up in the United States, there's no question where our country stands in the world. We are the beacon of freedom... Read more»
b1f25dab351b54a014255a0d49383185 Stan Sinberg | October 31, 2014
If you asked the average American what makes the USA the greatest country in the world (it just is, OK? Don't start!) I venture... Read more»
article3 blog icon Melaine Furey | October 30, 2014
The results are in and Dilma Rousseff has been reelected as Brazil's president. After a dramatic election season and a... Read more»
b1f25dab351b54a014255a0d49383185 Stan Sinberg | October 29, 2014
Another day, another chilling study about the corrosive effects big money has on our electoral system. What makes this one... Read more»