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Care provider contracts

Work agreements for health care providers, childcare providers and nannies.


Make contracts for care providers FAQs

  • What does a Home Healthcare Contract include?

    Home Healthcare Contracts include the agreements needed between a care provider and the patient (or authorized agent). These contracts include the basics such as contact information for all parties and payment schedules. It can also contain detailed care information. Using the document builder, you can make a customized Home Healthcare Contract easily that can be downloaded as a PDF or Word file for printing.

    Home Healthcare Contracts include:

    • Medication information and dietary restrictions
    • Hours of work
    • Other services to provide, such as dressing and meals
    • Permission to, or restrictions not to, be able to consent to non-emergency or emergency medical treatment if the agent cannot
    • Who will be paying for services (Medicare, Medicaid, Private Health Insurance or self-pay)
  • Do I need to pay taxes on caregiver wages?

    You might. If you are hiring a healthcare provider through an agency, the agency will take care of employment taxes for you. You simply pay the agency and they will pay the worker minus the required taxes. Additionally, you may not have to pay taxes on compensation given to family members or minors, but you'll want to research household employee requirements to make sure. If the person is an independent contractor who manages their own workload, they may also manage their own taxes. However, if you want to dictate their workload, when they work and supply the tools required to perform their duties, you will likely need to pay employment taxes.

    If you choose to hire a "household employee" as a caregiver, it will be your responsibility to determine their work status and to collect the information needed to pay their employment taxes. You'll also need to request an Employee Identification Number (EIN) from the IRS. You should consult with your accountant on how to pay employment taxes.

    Taxes you'll need to pay for your employee include:

    • Federal income
    • State employment
    • Social security
    • Medicare
  • What should I include in a Nanny Contract?

    A Nanny Contract is similar to an employment contract. It includes basic employment information as well as a list of their duties. A well-written contract can help mitigate termination issues and can serve as a reference for the caregiver.

    Our Nanny Contracts are customizable and include:

    • Contract information for all parties
    • Work hours, vacation days, and sick pay
    • Compensation and tax information
    • Terms for termination
    • Job responsibilities
    • Confidentiality agreements
    • General provisions (house rules)
    • Certification requirements (CPR, First Aid)

    If you are not working through an agency and are hiring the nanny as an employee, it will be your responsibility to investigate their work and tax status. Other documents you may find helpful include a Medical Treatment Authorization for a Minor form, so your nanny can approve medical treatments for your child. If your nanny travels with your children, you'll need a Travel Consent Form.

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