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School and education

We can help you with school letters, requests, and consent forms.


School and education FAQs

  • What do I need to enroll my child in school?

    Different schools and school districts have different specific requirements, but in general, the following forms, documents, and authorizations are usually needed in order to enroll children in school: 

    Application or enrollment form. Most schools require that parents or guardians fill out an application or enrollment form that provides basic information about the child, including the child's name, age, address, parent or guardian information, contact information, and more.

    Proof of residence. If there is a residency requirement to attend the school, the school will likely want to see proof that your child lives in the required geographic area. An official document that shows the parent's or guardian's address may suffice, such as: 

    • Driver's license. 
    • Recent utility bill. 
    • Current income tax return. 
    • Mortgage statement.

    Proof of identity and age. Schools typically want to confirm the child's identity and age, especially for kindergarten enrollment. The following documents may suffice: 

    • Birth certificate. 
    • Hospital birth record. 
    • Adoption record. 
    • Passport. 
    • Military ID. 
    • School record or school id card. 
    • Social security card. 

    One or more of these documents may be required. Check with your school before showing up to enroll.

    Vaccination and immunization records. Your school district may have specific immunization requirements. Check with your school to make sure you have the required list. Then check with your child's doctor to make sure your child has the required immunizations and that those are reflected in the child's immunization card. 

    Emergency contact, authorizations, and medical forms. Be prepared to provide emergency contact information and authorizations for your child, along with any information you think the school should have regarding specific medical conditions your child has and prescriptions that your child may need during the school day.

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